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4ukey iPhone Unlocker, Overview:

With 4ukey, Recover your passwords lost or forgotten, and access your Apple ID from your iPhone or iPad. Use a USB cable to connect your iDevice to a monitor, download the firmware package online, apply the Start Unlock option, and perform a system factory reset.

4UKey version is available as a free download on our website. The real creator of the app is Tenorshare, Inc. The new downloadable installer occupies 14.3 MB on the disk. Our antivirus scan shows this file is virus-free. The device lies inside the iPhone & iPad, more specifically, Cell Phone Resources.

Forgot your password for Apple ID? How do I access my password without an Apple ID? All these issues can be solved with the 4ukey iPhone Unlocker app. It can delete the Apple ID from any iPhone or iPad that’s enabled. You don’t need to learn special knowledge with the competent Apple ID removal tool so you can appreciate all of the iPhone / iPad functionality. A forgotten passcode for your iPhone or password for your Apple ID can be devastating. Using 4ukey iPhone Unlocker to get your iOS device back on Screen.

It should go without saying that losing the unlock code from your smartphone is far from an ideal situation and no one, not even Apple, is going to worry about it. Fortunately, Tenorshare’s people care about this, which is why they put out 4uKey. This lightweight utility can be used for unlocking iOS devices, no matter how locked they are. Simply plug in your phone, press a button and the app will take care of the rest.


Tenorshare 4uKey runs on all current Windows and Mac OS X systems and can be enabled in less than a minute. It is not asking for strong hardware, but if you are a Windows user you would need to have iTunes enabled. There are no complex modifications to make, so you can get it started immediately.

Unlocking an iOS device is the ease of use. All you need to do is connect your iPhone or iPad with a USB cable to your device, and start the application. It will automatically detect your computer at which point you can simply click on a button to start.

If you can’t access your iPhone because you have forgotten the lock screen code, broken your screen or you don’t know the password. 4uKey is a popular Windows application that you can use without any problems to bypass the lock screen.

The workings of 4uKey are pretty generic. All you need to do is attach your iPhone to your device, so it can be recognized by the application. When you have done this, simply download the new firmware update and press the ‘power’ button to boot.

4uKey will give you, and everything on it, complete access to your smartphone in just a few seconds. Notice that this application can get through any form of security, whether it’s a PIN, password, Touch ID, or FaceID.

If you need to access your iPhone but have lock screen issues, 4uKey is an easy way to bypass this screen no matter how tough the password.

More About 4ukey iPhone Unlocker:

The application will unlock your device, no matter the locking method used. It may have a passcode of four or six digits or an alphanumeric code. Even if it locked by Touch ID or Face ID, it can unlock. There is also a downside to this, which is that all data on your computer will be deleted, so it will certainly be beneficial to have it backed up. Alternatively, you should search for a benefit for rehabilitation.

If you lost your iOS device lock code or have bought a second-hand one, Tenorshare 4uKey will automatically help you open it.

Tensorshare 4uKey is an application that lets you access your iPhones, iPods, and other iOS devices that disabled. Regardless of the cause of the disablement, Tensorshare 4uKey will delete forgotten passcodes from your old devices, such as four-digit passwords, six-digit passcodes, and alphanumeric codes.

Now, new application updates allow it to drop encrypted Face Recognition and Touch ID sensors to enhance your system access. It’s easier than ever to get past tricky lock screens, whether you have forgotten the password or bought a used computer online.


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The software is currently compatible with Windows, Mac, and most major operating systems. Users should note that using the 4uKey unlock would cause the system to delete all data associated with it. Ultimately, this is so that the privacy of the user can be maintained intact-it would be a huge legal obligation for the app to allow you to access personal information about someone.


If the app-enabled, you will simply ask to pick the reason for the problem of screen locking. Just click “Start,” and the application will direct you through the steps needed to unlock your computer. In addition, Tensorshare 4uKey uses sophisticated data privacy encryption to safeguard all of your information. It’s suggested that you back up any data that you may want to retain before trying to use the program.

Customers trust the application because it offers one of the easiest solutions to unlock their iOS devices. Installing the software on a brick-and-mortar IT technician will save time and money lost. The step-by-step service is incredibly easy to use, particularly for those with no technical experience. Using any mid-size business involved in reselling old iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices are the ideal application for this.

Regardless of whether it’s a 4-digit/6-digit passcode, personalized numeric code, alphanumeric passcode, Touch ID, or face ID, Tenorshare 4ukey iPhone Unlocker is able to delete it within minutes. Want to reset your factory but your iPhone locked? 4ukey iPhone Unlocker app allows you to reset the factory without a password.

  • Delete Apple ID without Password on iPhone / iPad (only for iOS 11 and earlier)
  • Passwords Bypass iPhone / iPad Device instantly
  • Fix iPhone / iPad uninstall without iTunes or iCloud
  • Delete 4-digit/6-digit passcode, iPhone / iPad Contact ID & Face ID
  • Compatible with the most recent iOS / iPad 13.5, iPhone SE(2nd), and more

Upon removal of Apple ID, You Can:

  • Enjoy all features of the iCloud services and Apple ID
  • Listen to Apple Music and get Podcasts
  • Go to iTunes to purchase & download apps and games
  • Enable and turn off Find My iPhone
  • Open environment to iCloud and becoming invisible to others
  • Get your iPhone / iPad back up via iTunes

Upon removing your Apple ID, Your Computer Can:

  • Not to be tracked on the previous Apple ID (bypassed)
  • Don’t be blocked remotely by previous Apple ID
  • Log in to another Apple Username, or build a new account
  • Build a backup and synchronize to iTunes system
  • Do not get deleted remotely by previous Apple ID users


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Unlock your iPhone 11 Passwords Screen in 3 Steps:

  • Phase 1: Attach the Appliance. Choose the ‘Unlock Passcode Screen’ option.
  • Phase 2: Firmware kit update. Choose a safe route to proceed, and press “Open.”
  • Phase 3: Activation start. To delete passcode from iPhone, click “Start Unlock.”

4ukey Pros & Cons:


  • You can, without any effort, unlock iOS devices.
  • The application will unlock them, no matter the locking method used.


  • The app will delete everything on your account.

4ukey Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Tenorshare
Download Free Download | Shareware
Size 17.9 MB
Version 2.2.0

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