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The importance of online security:

The value of protection when surfing online should not be overlooked. After all, if you’re not on guard and alert, it is not unusual for you to be hit by malicious software, which robs your data or corrupts your PC. The AVG Secure Browser is a unique browser that offers additional protection for Windows, Mac, and Android. It features integrated security and privacy features that protect you against various threats without sacrificing navigation speed and efficiency.

You may wish to find AVG Secure Browser if you were searching for a free browser with built-in security features. Internet protection is vital, but many people do not know how to protect their private life and conceal their digital footprint. The Internet is more vital than ever. Whilst anti-malware protection is a good start, a stable browser should also be downloaded. You will have an extra protection layer against a number of threats with AVG Secure Browser and this software was built to be as user-friendly as possible.

You can be sure that AVG Secure Browser protects you against Internet criminals, malware, and malicious ads when you browse the Internet. The first thing you will notice when you download this browser is that it looks clean. You can do a lot of modifications if you want to adjust its configuration or its interface features. AVG Secure Browser is incredibly attractive. Once the browser is up and running, a robust security suite will offer many advantages.

This browser also provides an encryption system of military standard, in addition to anti-tracking features and other basic security tools. 256-bit AES encryption will shield you from the vast majority. Nearly all data is collected and monitored by many Internet users as they visit a new website and data can be used against them at a later date.

More About AVG Secure Browser:

When your information is open to an agency, it can be marketed to criminals or used to guide you to malicious advertising. The advertisements are designed to look like innocent links but are often full of malware, that will take you to reputable websites.


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You may also build a profile, which ensures that you can only see the details you want. Also included is an integrated VPN for the AVG Secure Browser. Whilst this virtual private network is completely optional, if you want reliable security, you should consider using it. Before any data is sent from your device, a VPN creates a safe connection between you and an external server. When connections have been made for criminals, ad firms, and unscrupulous organizations, it will be very difficult for them to collect your data. To those who wish to access Geostrict websites and files, VPNs are also a good choice.

You can never be too careful when accessing the Internet with increasing cybercrimes. During your online shopping, send emails, and browse your favorite social media Websites, AVG Secure Browser utilizes dozens of state-of-the-art security tools. While no digital security app is ever entirely secure, this browser type dramatically reduces the risk of cybercrime.

The main goal, all with a functional and familiar interface, was to develop AVG Secure Browser by safety experts for your privacy and protection. It makes sure that your data is private and secure, unlike other regular browsers – right from the first time you launch it.

  • Browsing Private mode.
  • This blocks ads automatically.
  • AVG AntiVirus and AVG Safe VPN can be easily combined.
  • HTTPS encoding powers.
  • Protects you from scripts being monitored.
  • Support the fingerprint mask of your browser.

Key Features and Highlights:

User Interface:

AVG Stable Browser is based on Chromium’s open-source project to ensure Chrome delivers both speed and familiarity. The interface is almost the same as Google Chrome. The major difference is the address bar AVG icon. This icon will redirect the user to a new tab with all the security features provided by AVG Secure Browser. When you click this icon.


Websites are famous for information tracking and data storage. The numerous privacy features of the AVG Secure Browser will help to avoid these activities. The anti-tracking function allows web providers to avoid monitoring your actions online while the anti-fingerprinting function anonymity and less detection of your browser fingerprint. The browser also has a Privacy Cleaner and Stealth Mode that both keeps your browsing history and prevent your privacy from stored cookies and junk.


AVG Secure Software offers in-house, in-house security tools to make the user experience much safer in real time, 24 hours a day. The extension guard prevents the installation of third-party extensions without confirming that they are trustworthy by the user. The anti-phishing and bank mode function blocks malicious websites and prevents keylogging from stealing the user’s personal data. AVG Secure Browser also features a Password Manager which allows you to easily login while also maintaining your login credentials.


The AVG Secure Browser will certainly challenge industry giants thanks to its lightweight construction of chromium. It is built-in, however, and Adblock apps and Flash Block will speed it up. Adblock deletes most website ads, making loading websites quicker. Flash Protect disables flash-based content, capable of consuming computer resources and slowing down the device.

Similar characteristics:

Users can monitor which sites can access their webcam with their webcam guardianship features with the AVG Secure Browser. In addition, the user will force HTTPS encryption on the browsing link. Finally, the AVG Secure Browser also features an integrated video downloader, but not certain websites.

Safety Browse:

The AVG Secure Browser continues the mission to ensure the confidentiality and reliability of its users. For additional protection, the AVG Safe Browser may incorporate other AVG items such as the AVG Antivirus and AVG Stable VPN seamlessly. The AVG Secure Browser offers sufficient online protection to ensure at least a safe online browsing experience. The AVG Secure Browser is definitely worth trying quickly, securely, and intuitively.


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Make identification of your digital fingerprint more difficult for websites to make your browser less distinctive.


It preserves your privacy by requiring that your online activity be prevented by websites, advertising agencies, and other Web services.

Cleaner for Privacy:

Reinstall a cache file, a cookie, and other junk in your browser history with just one click to keep your company privately owned and free disk space.

Stealth Monitoring Mode:

Eliminates the store of your browsing history and dumps any cookies or web cache you are collecting while browsing.

Stable integration: AVG Safe VPN:

Prevents eavesdropping snoopers, enables you to change location and access contents that are not accessible in your own country. Secure VPN application Requires AVG Secure App.

Set of Adblocks:

Stops ads to help you load Web pages faster and provide cleaner browsing. All have the flexibility to choose whether all or only malicious ads are blocked.


Use the latest Web technologies to create the most seamless navigations experience on the basis of the world’s most popular open-source browser project.

DevOps/Extension guard::

Extensions from third parties often pose a major threat to your safety and privacy online. Today’s AVG Secure PC Download Browser!

The antifreeze:

blocks and opens malicious websites using an internal malware base to track threats in real-time continuously.

Mode of the bank:

Prevent hackers from seeing what you are typing to avoid stealing your passwords, card numbers, and other sensitive information.

Account/Password Manager:

Store, build, and auto-fill in your favorite websites safely.

Protect Flash:

Blocks Flash-based content automatically if you do not decide to allow, to avoid hogging computer resources.

AVG Secure Browser Pros & Cons:


  • Browser lightweight.
  • Several features in security.
  • VPN integrated.


  • Multiple users not compatible.
  • There is no customer support.

AVG Secure Browser Wikipedia:

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Developer AVG Technologies
Download Free Download Freeware
Size 3.1 MB
Version 80.1.3902.164

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