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Boostnote Overview:

Boostnote is an open-source note-taking application designed for web developers and programmers. Many programmers from more than 190 countries and regions trust Boostnote. You may want to take a few notes, as a developer, with codes for good performance and work. Boostnote is a reasonable option in this situation.

You can save your notes when writing, so there is no chance that you will lose them. Moreover, as they are written when you write you must not waste your time formatting them. Furthermore, the note you are writing can also be seen live so that you can be sure of no mistakes or that there is no feedback overlooked.

Take notes and arrange your snippets efficiently with this simple application to tag your content and to highlight the syntax. You typically need to work as a programmer and this job can be very tiresome unless you have trustworthy resources to simplify your job. Boostnote, a lightweight editor that allows you to take notes in an efficient manner, is one of the third-party software solutions which prove valuable in this situation.

Boostnote can also highlight the syntax of the code. It supports 100 languages, including but not limited to Java, CSS, HTML, etc. The best approach is to combine the key snippet with several codes to allow you maximum creation power.

You can sync notes through devices with the application. In addition, this service also offers an offline note production facility. You will synchronize these Offline Notes when you connect to the internet. You can also handle certain program settings, including hotkey management and note management.

More About Boostnote:

Boostnote can allow developers to document their thoughts and focus on the code as a note. Boostnote is an open-source note-taking framework built for web developers and programmers.

Links to zooms, any kind of text, height, indent, and the latest update are located at the bottom left of the page. Boostnote smaller changes the formatting of these fast links slightly. You can select where your store is from, identify hotkeys, and change the user interface. The menu section.

Boostnote allows you to use live previewer notes in Markdown, fragment, many hotkeys, popup locator (similar to OSX’s spotlight), and latex help. However, keep Boostnote alike, as described earlier, should not be confused with a post-it styling application or a Note pad substitution.


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There is fast access connexion to each folder, scale, indent and the last update in the bottom right. Zoom included. The formatting of these fast links can slightly be skewed by resizing Boostnote less. You can select where your storage is, assign hotkeys, and change the user interface in the menu section.

Smart note organizer with an elegant user interface:

You can make the notes and arrange them simply and easily with this lightweight program, which improves your productivity. It features a sleek, elegant, and practical interface that provides high overall usability and is simple to understand. In the absence of a traditional support handbook, Boostnote has a helpful tutorial overlapping its interface to help you better understand its functionality.

The app lets you use a live preview in Markdown, several hotkeys, a pop-up finder (like the macOS spotlight), and latex support. However, remember that the program, as mentioned above, aimed at programmers/web developers, not to confused with post-it-style applications or a Notepad substitute.

It includes a lot of programming notes that can get confused and lost. Boostnote can allow you to track several notes quickly. It helps you to store code blocks or other worth writing information and to arrange it in different folders. In addition, you can find unique notes at a moment’s notice using the application’s filtering and tagging functionality.

Absolutely free Boostnote is available, without hidden charges or constraints. It is available in a small box and can install it easily. You can run it on any modern Windows system and no special requirements must be met. No valuable amount of disc space or RAM needs to be lost.

Select and group the notes by folder, color, and tags:

You may rely on this application if you need an effective solution to easily and securely take and organize notes on your computer. New directories where your content can store and color-coded for a better organization can build.

When you create a new note, you can add multiple tags to it, so as to make it easier to monitor. You can also access the unique combination box and pick a package that fits your needs. HTML, PHP, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and many others can be chosen.

Syntax highlighting support features:

This framework also supports syntax emphasization in addition to the functions mentioned above. This feature helps you to profit from and efficiently obtain coding notes.

Obviously , the main purpose of the user interface is to edit text, but it’s just a fraction of what you will find. The notes produced listed next to the text editor and can be switched between them on the fly. You may choose to create a markdown or snippet note by making a file. You can build directories in the application so that you don’t need to view every note at once.

The search function of Boostnote is very effective. It helps you to find unique notes, names, contents, or tags instantaneously. You may tag a note at a time by opening a note and writing one or more notes over the content of the note.


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The syntax highlights features of the App allow you to find the segments you need much faster in order to save code snippets. The best thing is that the function highlighting syntax works in various programming languages. You only need to pick a language before or while working on a note in a pop-up menu. Boostnote redefines the way you take notes with respect to programming.

Key Features and Highlights of Boostnote:

  • Boostnote enables you to construct a structured article in plain text easily and clearly
  • A memo about software skills is easy to catch and take notes during an event
  • Boostnote recognizes over 100 syntax highlights that make it ideal for code writing.

Bottom Line:

As a Final thought, Boostnote is a small program that enables you to take notes and arrange them quickly and conveniently. It features a sleek GUI, simple accessibility, and a helpful tutorial, overlapping its main window, so you can better understand its features.

Boostnote Pros & Cons:


  • You can efficiently organize markdowns or snippets.
  • The framework comes with a variety of programming languages to illustrate the syntax.


  • You may easily detect the probability of choosing a programming language.

Boostnote Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Maisin&Co
Download Free Download | Open Source
Size 99.6 MB
Version 0.16.1

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