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What is CCleaner for Mac?

CCleaner for Mac is a cleaning tool intended to make Mac maintenance easier. Using your machine, you have left behind the remaining files on your hard drive and using the OS itself and numerous other programs that sometimes result in slower boot times and a variety of other issues.

CCleaner for Mac searches your machine to delete all forms of files which can slow down your Mac and only install the things you want. Using the intuitive GUI of this program, you can pick the scan position and then show the scan form and number of items until they are removed.

CCleaner for Mac is simple to use and efficient, fixing your boot times and optimizing your machine for faster running. Its features range from quick fixes, such as internet browsing history cleaning to far more complex procedures for preserving privacy configurations, cleaning undesirable software that bogs down your device and consumes precious hard disk space. CCleaner for Mac Download, Run, or Upgrade!

CCleaner ‘s beginning:

You must install it on your Mac to start using the app. It is so easy to install and takes only 2 minutes. The app is ready to search your Mac immediately after it is installed. It should be noted that the CCleaner code is user-friendly and self-explaining. Both key features are on the left-hand side of the main screen and the scan progress will be visible here as well.

CCleaner for Mac has for over a decade been the most common PC maintainer, but the Mac version is fairly new. The CCleaner for Mac of Piriform is a simple, easy-to-use software that makes your Mac faster and safer. Cookies, provisional files, and any other unused data that blocks your operating system are deleted from CCleaner for Mac. This unlocks precious hard disk space that allows your machine to run more quickly.

The elimination of these data preserves your privacy so that you can work online better. The basic, intuitive user interface does not call for all Mac users, but it is inefficient to see what it lacks. Fast 1-click review and cleaning settings make CCleaner a way to easily enhance the efficiency of your Mac. Some of the features of Windows – Uninstaller, Drive Wiper, and Software – are possibly absent from sandboxing in Apple.

What Can CCleaner for Mac Do?

And websites leave files on your hard drive called cookies, and you can lose them for many reasons. In order to compile long-term records of individual browsing stories, cookies also used besides storing information. And they can also be used to interrupt or distribute legal website consumer applications.


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Manually you can go through the layout of your Mac folder and uninstall every unwanted cookie and remaining file individually. However, in just a few seconds, it takes you hours or even days to create a cleanup tool like CCleaner for Mac.

Make A Faster Computer:

Your machine uses the internet to gather a host of files, cookies, and history that are not necessary. The same happens when you run most of your programs – several temporary files and settings are saved on your computer. CCleaner for Mac removes these incompatible files and settings, which allow your device to run faster and free valuable hard drive space.

The default settings concentrate only on traditional junk files and pages so that, when you change them, you do not lose important information. A Startup Cleaner also allows you to recognize and uninstall unused background programs when you launch your computer. This will shorten the startup time and make your hard drive less drained over time.

Provide More Secure Browsing:

Online cookies monitor your conduct on advertisers and web pages. Saved passwords, saved information, and internet history less secure your identity. CCleaner for Mac eliminates these files, and you are less likely to be robbed of identity theft and/or internet fraud because you are safe. The Military Drive Wiper guarantees the permanent removal of any data which you like.

Can Do Customizable Cleaning:

You can configure cleaning solutions according to your needs through cleaner tools and solutions tabs. You may want to stick to safe default settings if you are not a smart user.


CCleaner for Mac is now the leading freeware cleaner offering the kind of premium features for which it is struggling to compete. The clean and intuitive user interface makes it a very simple application, but don’t allow it to trick you with its size and simplicity. This is a powerful tool to increase the efficiency of your Mac. The standard upgrade procedure by Piriform ensures that CCleaner improves gradually and continues to increase its popularity.

Is CCleaner safe for Mac:

If you just tried the method above — CCleaner for Mac sounds like a simple way to optimize your Computer. This is why it has been flooded over the years by millions of people.

However, in 2017, a malicious hacker attack against its 5.33 Windows version took place on CCleaner for Mac App. The hackers were able to create a backdoor and install trojan malware, infecting around two million users, including leading companies including Samsung and Intel. In the next update, the security flaw was fixed, but unfortunately, the incident destroyed the credibility of CCleaner forever. After all, if the business has been compromised before, it is impossible to give complete access to all of your personal data.

The infringement only affected CCleaner’s Windows version, not the CCleaner for Mac update. But the issue comes down to trust again.

Overall, the high favorable reviews of CCleaner were high, averaging roughly 4.5/5 stars. And, if not for the error, it would seem well deserved.

Why is CCleaner unique?

Given the number of cleaning instruments available on the internet, many of which seem to be identical, the question arises: Why is CCleaner for Mac unique? In reality, your Mac can use a range of anti-malware software, decryption applications, and antiviruses. However, not many have obtained the US patent.


ccleaner for mac book pro,


In 2013, CCleaner for Mac was awarded the patent stating that the US government acknowledges its solution in its own right. This patent was followed by 1 billion downloads from CCleaner showing the award is well earned.

The macOS CCleaner uses very low machine resources, is small and reliable, and off-the-cover does not contain any adverse software such as adware, viruses, or spyware.

Key Features and Highlights of CCleaner for Mac:

  • Administration of cookies.
  • Permit to fix.
  • Place cleaning.
  • Accident reports. Accident reports.
  • Binary cookies in Mac OS 10.7 are wiped.
  • Uninstall now deletes Dock shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Safari internet cache washing.
  • Restore cleaning rules by default state choice.
  • Program variant identification.

What’s New:

  • Compatibility with macOS Sierra Beta (10.12) added.
  • Chrome cleaning revised history.
  • Cleaning of Form History and Safari Session Updated.
  • Optimized routine startup.
  • High DPI support has been further enhanced.
  • Small hardware upgrades.
  • Fixed minor issue.

CCleaner for Mac Pros & Cons:


Organization category: When selecting scanning objects and when displaying the tests, objects on the screen of this application are classified. That means you can easily locate what you are searching for, and when you check scan results, you know exactly what you are looking for.

Deinstall panel: this device also includes a deinstall panel to grab programs from your Mac in addition to your scanner and cleaner. Only click on the Uninstall button and pick the software you want to get rid of, and the app will take care of the rest.


No single selection: you can’t unselect things in the scan results once you have picked the areas you want to scan. If you don’t think you want to uninstall the software returns with files, you will have to uncheck this whole category and re-run the scan before deleting.

Bottom Line:

CCleaner is a minimal but high-performance cleaning software that works. The price is relatively appropriate for CCleaner Professional. Although the free version offers only important basic features, it can be enough to clean your Mac of unwanted files if you originally intended.

Please note that a 64-bit processor needed. Automatic window cleaning, real-time monitoring, and automatic upgrading not included in the demo version.

CCleaner for Mac Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Piriform
Download Free Download Freeware
Size 3.7 MB
Version 1.17.603

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