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CyberLink YouCam Overview:

CyberLink YouCam is an app to make your Webcam chat or normal video recordings enjoyable and exclusive. You can wear dozens of different virtual masks and add backgrounds and funny screen frontiers. You can also switch about with face-tracking apps and keep the impacts on your face.

CyberLink YouCam enables you to instantly upload your audiovisual creations on YouTube or Facebook and enables you to attach your software through a very simple process to your favorite social networks that save you much time. CyberLink YouCam is a fun tool designed for audiences of all ages, despite the fact that younger children at home are especially fond of it. Who doesn’t want to have fun with your webcam at the end of the day?

The CyberLink YouCam lets users hit the next level with their own video conferences. With the average person in mind, CyberLink YouCam is created. This program allows users to attach filters to still photos and try out an increased reality. It can even overlay images of the face and make it an enjoyable tool to use irrespective of skill level. This program is a must for almost every device, whereas the trial version is only fully free. CyberLink YouCam can also be used as a video surveillance tool, in addition to turning the faces of the user into monsters or being able to add filters in photos.

Chats, presentations, and more on delicious webcam:

You’ll find a lot better from your webcam, from adding strange and marvelous special effects to your webcam chats to jazzing PowerPoint presentations or simply taking and enhancing pictures. CyberLink YouCam

Make delicious, your online chats:

You probably have CyberLink YouCam if you want to turn into an alien or Santa Claus while calling on camera. Other, strange backgrounds, all sorts of clipart, cartoon, hats, and fake bears. if you really want to be artistic, you can also use a freehand drawing tool. CyberLink YouCam deals for most relevant networking customers such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Instants.

Numerous photo enhancement tools are useful only to photographers on Windows 8. A wide variety of filters, effects, and improvements can also be introduced, which operate on web cameras, but are more convenient and efficient when using a tablet.

In addition to the fun part of the software, CyberLink YouCam includes a video monitoring device that can help you manage your property without spending a lot on a surveillance system. You can use many webcams to protect your property as you remain as CCTV cameras. Obviously, you can access photos from your cameras on the go, but the procedures to set up such a device are very complicated. You can configure the CyberLink YouCam Face Login-a system in which facial recognition is the only way for you to unlock your PC.

There is also a presentation creation wizard for business users, which enables you to import PowerPoint presentations and then jazz them into HD with special effects and other functionalities.

Slick interface well organized:

All of the CyberLink YouCam ‘s effects are well organized into different tabs and can be applied in real-time. With an Adobe AIR-style interface, the overall interface is very slick. It also arranges photos you took very effectively on a calendar, which tells when photos were taken and at what time.


cyberlink youcam 7.0,


A more advanced interface with augmented reality technology enables you to interact in the 3D Virtual Objects preview window also features the latest release of the CyberLink YouCam. It brings another dimension of realism to the effects with current support of HD video, though many still look crudely overlaid.

There is a device that can help consumers connect with 3D representations of their own devices for those who want to explore augmented reality. It is definitely not as good as some other 3D tools on the market, but for those who are curious about the increased truth, it is a great place to start. The design of this program is usually very new and state-of-the-art. That said, it’s not often what the users expect to be executed. The effects and increased reality sometimes feel cheap. It slows down the camera a little in real-time video calls when using these devices.

An all-round webcam tool:

CyberLink YouCam is a valuable device with which you can add a bit of spice to your camera, presentation, and more. You may want to download Logitech Webcam Software if you are looking for a free alternative. Amazing Augmented Reality Webcam Avatar: Better pictures with TrueTheaters New Interactive Screen Effects Amazing Increased Reality.

YouCam provides a full live video studio functionality for your webcam. It includes more beautiful face apps, over 200 video chat and recording fun effects, and a large variety of devices for screen capturing. Furthermore, it offers easy to use and effective tools for security, such as monitoring and face login. YouCam for PC allows you to change your virtual presence and to always show your best face. Good luck!

This is particularly useful for users who have multiple computers or laptops in their entire house. Switch on the tool allows the CyberLink YourCam to remotely access all images from different computers. On request, users can activate this function only, so it is useful for those who do not want to invest in a professional program immediately. For those who want to use the Presentation Development Wizard as a more technical element of their video conference.

Users may use PowerPoint high-quality presentations in their video conferences while retaining high-quality images. This is a must for anyone who has to make any number of professional video calls. CyberLink YouCam provides a new feature that enables users to access facially recognized computers. Face Login has a very futuristic and cutting-edge feeling for this new feature.

Ket Features and Highlights of Cyberlink YouCam:

Video Effects in real-time Maintain fun:

Choose from over 200 cool, interesting and useful effects for your video chats and project capturing projects, with thousands more for DirectorZone downloading.

Let it be enjoyable with frames and scenes:

You can combine all frames and scenes with another picture effect from your webcam. Using it not only to spice up your images, but to create a beautiful portrait, or an incredibly cool image of profile.

Particles, filters, and distortions are living things up to:

The program’s other fun features include colorful animated particles and other funhouse-like filters and distortion features.

Let yourself be expressed by emoticons & gadgets:

Pick an accessory for your hand, which moves as you do, and then show off with funny animated emoticons. Emoticons can also be combined with other double fun effects!

Get your picture editing creative:

Use various brush sizes and colors to enhance your photos on your webcam, or try freestyle drawing on your touch screen with your fingers. Photo presets allow you to change the mood and artistic sensation of your images easily and quickly. To remove the best sharing bits, rotate, and crop webcam images.


cyberlink youcam free,


Even More Features of Cyberlink YouCam:

New Face Beautification Tools perfect profile photos:

When editing your camera images, you can redesign your photos, erase imperfections, and make subtle changes with facial recognition technology and a suite of beauty instruments.

Automatically upgraded smart video:

The TrueTheaterTM patented technology of CyberLink controls light and sharpness automatically. You can manually change noise reduction, contrast, and brightness to also take complete power.

Fresh Skin Smoothener real-time wrinkle removal:

Don’t let bad illumination make you look tired or old. The smoother real-time skin eliminates visible defects and wrinkles in face shots when filming video or webcam speaking.

Total HD and high frame rate of screen recording:

The screen capture feature of the device offers improved performance and a higher video frame rate (30 fps) than ever before. You are able to pick a certain area in order to catch the entire display screen and catch the area around the mouse pointer.

PowerPoint Video Presentations will hit the point faster:

The software allows you to use an existing PowerPoint file in a video chat or a session. Download the Windows app for You Cam Offline Installer. Pick from a number of screen templates and draw freely on the slide if you have important messages to highlight.


Amazing Augmented Reality Webcam Avatar: Better pictures with TrueTheaters New Interactive Screen Effects Amazing Increased Reality


CyberLink YouCam 6 Deluxe is quick to use and does almost everything you need to do with a Webcam. You ‘re definitely getting what you pay for on YouCam, although there are some robust freeware bundles that give it money.

Note: Test version for 30 days. Scenes / frames / effects / emotions selected only.

Cyberlink YouCam Pros & Cons:


  • HD video support and enhanced reality support.
  • Acts for most significant messaging customers.
  • Nice scenery effects from the background.
  • Downloadable results are expandable.
  • Includes tools for monitoring and security.


  • Sometimes the effects look overlapping.
  • It takes a while to install.
  • Just useful photo features on tablets.

Cyberlink YouCam Wikipedia:

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Developer CyberLink / YouCam
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Version 9.0.1029

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