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DbVisualizer Overview:

For managers, developers, and analysts, DbVisualizer is a universal database. It runs on all major operating systems and can bind all commercially viable database motors. An easy and powerful framework that can enable developers and database managers to maintain their databases.

DbVisualizer is a software tool that is simple and easy to use to help you handle the database carefully, with the least effort for you.

You can start it and start working with it after the application is installed. It’s easy to use GUI to help you to open new databases easily, by using the wizard or inputting the details you need by yourself. You can also use this wizard.

You must enter the alias used in the utility in order to add a new connexion. The ‘Database Driver’ can then be selected from the available list or a newer one can be added through the ‘Driver Manager.’

Then, press the ‘Next’ button to input additional DB server details and then press the ‘Finish’ button to verify whether a connexion is created. In the tree view mode, on the left-hand side, the contents of this table will be shown so you can easily reach the portion that is of your interest.

Then you can pick the SQL files to open, evaluate, and change their contents and save the file or the current context. You can also use the files. As well as, with the addition of columns and restrictions in several tabs, DbVisualizer will build tables, click the ‘Expect’ button.

More About DbVisualizer:

In addition, the tool has a “Data change tracking” feature that lets you track any changes that occur over time and allow you to analyze the results, which allows you to eventually produce statistics or database metrics and others.

Finally, DbVisualizer is a highly complex and specialized software that mainly aims at providing you with the right resources to unlimitedly handle your databases, simplifying your work.

DbVisualizer is a database application that facilitates the creation and management of the databases for developers and database administrators. It offers auto-completion support in the SQL editor, support for the visual Create / Alter Table, execution of SQL multiple-statement scripts. As well as, data graphing, management of BLOB / CLOB data, export scheme/database, CS Video file import data, Query Builders, International Key Data Navigator, and planning support.

Displays JDBC databases graphically:

A cross-platform database application to improve flexibility for users is DbVisualizer. It provides a single solution to create, test, and manage relational databases quickly.

DbVisualizer provides developers with a variety of tools to help build databases, including object searching, development, SQL status, and SQL scripting plus data editing and viewing.

The DbVisualizer supports all major business databases such as Oracle, DB2, Mimer, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Informix, and open sources such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and JavaDB / Derby.

DbVisualizer takes ages to load the first thing you encounter. The installer has been programmed to sell the device, so be not surprised that you will be urged to buy it before it is actually installed!

The current version of DbVisualizer has received hundreds of minor enhancements including a new SQL editor, SQLite support, and new Excel export functions.


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However, no auto table completion and no SSH tunnel manager are available. It is probably more usable than on Mac since it is based on Java, too; thus, if you decide the platform to install it on, use Windows.

If something supporting several databases in a single package DbVisualizer is a complete product, although some main features are missing.

The ultimate solution is DbVisualizer since it is easy to use the same method for all major operating systems that control a number of bases. Good luck!

Databases supported:

The following are supported Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer SQL, MySQL, Netezza, NuoDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Sybase ASE, and more. As well as, Vertica is all online and is available to download and update the applications.

Plays Everywhere:

Db Visualizer 64 bit is available on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Database Tools:

The auto-filled SQL editor, parameterized SQLs, SQL Formatter, visual database builder, plan description, and command-line interface are provided with support.

Browser for Database:

Database artifacts Tree-based navigation. You can view several items side by side.

Object management:

Digital object management tools. Edition, collection, execution of processes, actions, triggers, etc.

Management of Table Data:

The editor for spreadsheet table data, including CLOB / BLOB, CSV imports, and Excel files. Click here.


Export CREATE / INSERT statements, CSV, XML, and more to database objects and table data. As well as, Export funding for an incredibly large outcome.

Key Points:

The most relevant databases and JDBC drivers are checked for DbVisualizer. It has introduced support for database-specific functionality for most widely used databases in the industry. Key bindings are configurable with a highly customizable interface appearance. Any of the following are:

  • Database specific object control management
  • Make, Change, Remove, RENAME visual acts, etc.
  • Creating, editing and compiling, functioning or triggers
  • Also, Explain support for the initiative
  • Export system
  • As well as, compare publishers and results
  • And a lot more…


General Support for bookmarks, surveillance files, and favorite files between DbVisualizer and external tools including Windows Explorer (Windows Explorer, Finder (Mac), and File Browser (Linux). As well as, Screen set-up and new controls to cover Java 1.7 Link Management Integrated SSH support from the trusted host and private key support for secure database connectivity.

SQL Editor New SQL / Text Editor: The SQL editor now supports anti-allied fonts Monospaced fonts automatically set on a device basis: Windows consoles, Menlo (Max OS X), DejaVu (Linux / UNIX). As well as, Fast Search Support for clipboard history Basic keyword support to highlight the Regular expressions in Locate and replace cursor support artifacts

Now supports re-executing the query and retaining the layout of the chart setup (colors, fonts, etc). Monitor A new option to cover SQLite Database Support Support (bundled with DbVisualizer) Support for H2 (battered with DbVisualizer) Describe Mimer SQL Export DDL support plan support for single object types such as procedures, triggers, views, etc. In addition to the present Excel binary format, export support for Excel 2007 (OOXML) format in TXT format.


how to use dbvisualizer,


The class “Copy text collection (with column header)” has been applied to the list. Shape selection in an output with a fixed width. Moreover, Navigator The External Main Navigator now supports Navigator Fast filter support applied directly to the Navigator by means of retained selecting, sorting, etc. As well as, Navigator fast filter support.

Note: 21 days trial version.

DbVisualizer Pros & Cons:


  • Multiple databases are supported.
  • As well as, Works on various platforms.


  • The instructions are minimal.
  • The long phase of installation.
  • As well as, Do not complete auto form.

DbVisualizer Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer DbVis Software
Download Free Download | Trial
Size 80.1 MB
Version 11.0.5 (64-bit)

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