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Disk Drill Pro Overview:

Trying to restore the missing or deleted files in an unintended manner is enough frustrating to be without the challenge of dealing with complicated recovery tools. Disk Drill Pro is a free, simple, and easy tool to thoroughly and easily search your internal and external drives and to bring your missing data and media files back to life.

Disk Drill will retrieve your data from almost any storage device for Windows. Whatever computer you have lost data, this app can search and retrieve your lost data when you can connect it to the Windows. There is also a data recovery program free of charge for Windows that can retrieve data from it even if you have trouble accessing your hard disc or external computer direct. This includes restoring all different file forms and file systems.

You can freely search and display missing files with Disk Drill for PC Basic if you update the software after a data loss. You can easily upgrade to Disk Drill PRO or Enterprise to restore your data once you are confident your files can be retrieved.

However, you can restore your files for free, without updating, if you update the program before you delete any data and turn on its data security features. Guaranteed Recovery invisibly preserves deleted files and directories that you stored in your PC’s Trash; Recovery Vault maintains all deleted filing metadata information so that the names and location of the files can be retrieved easily intact. S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring alerts you before it fails of hard drive issues.

More About Disk Drill Pro:

The software provides two scan modes – fast and deep – and various recovery methods to ensure the restoration and thus recovery of even those files that have damaged binary structures. Disk Drill’s file signature database consists of over200 file types and is continuously updated to ensure that all your missing files can be retrieved far more easily, irrespective of the time they’re hidden on your disc or how long ago.

All files contained are carefully organized in the main GUI of the application. Here the search results can be filtered to restrict the search. You may use the search engine to locate the file if the file name or section is known. You can only use the filter Images, Video, Papers, Audio, and Archive to decrease the number of applicants if you know what kind of file it was. Finally, by filtering the remaining files by size and/or date, you can also narrow down the search.

Disk Drill functions without any problem, whether it is the NTFS, FAT32, EXT or HFS+ filed method, with any form of storage device and hard discs, but only to name the most common. This free tool can only restore 2 GB of data but can be upgraded to a PRO version that supported even more file systems, more file formats, searching for missing partitions, and no storage cap.

User Friendly:

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is a user-friendly method for restoring certain files that you have accidentally deleted and have to go back to your hard drive. The software uses music, video, text documents, and every other file that is lost.

The program’s best feature is its hard drive support, but it also can recover objects from the computers attached to your Laptop, such as USB devices, images, video cameras as well as memory cards.


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Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery will restore the files regardless of whether it has been unintentionally lost, a virus has destroyed all of its details or an unwanted restart has damaged the computer. The program displays the missing files that can be retrieved after a full search.

Drive Drill Windows Data Recovery also means you’re never missing your files again. The “recovery room” records the metadata for the files you delete so that if you need them ever back, you can still restore them, without having to search again the device.

File recovery app for free:

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is a tool to help users get data from almost every internal and external drive, memory card, and internet. You can help with this app by losing essential files accidentally or by removing your hard drive. It is a program for professional file recovery that implements various secure methods of recovery. It can also restore up to 200 file types — including music, videos, and text documents.

Simplified scanning process:

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery will restore file irrespective of whether accidentally it has been lost, virus deleted, or file harm. The app uses a number of methods to find and re-construct your missing file if it is stored both internally and externally. The recovery process begins with your drives searching the file.

This tool blends different scanning algorithms to read your drives, even if it does not work, it has missed a partition or can’t be read. You can only perform all of its scan functions with a click of the mouse. The app shows the recovered files in a list when the scan is complete. Use the Preview to see which of the files you have scanned can be accessed in a functional format. Not only does this program restore the file. You can also restore the file assets, including the original name and position of your file with their Recovery Vault.

The program provides two forms of scans, depending on how long or how long you missed the file. Fast Search for recently deleted files is the most effective method. It can also return intact files with their file names. On the other side, the Deep Scan gives you more choices if the data were missing for a long time. Notice that this method takes longer, but even after updating it can find deleted files.

Other smart functions:

Disk Drill has some useful disc features you can use, other than file recovery. The control of the S.M.A.R.T disc allows you to keep hardware tabs. You may get alerts of possible faults and other problems with this. There’s a recovery chamber that records the metadata for the files you delete to ensure that you don’t lose files again.

You can still get them back without checking the machine again if you ever need them back. This app also provides a disc cleaner to ensure that your free space is not hogged by an unused file. The app will search your disc space and find unused files and duplicate files at different points on your drive.

Great, but not essential:

Drive Drill Windows Data Recovery is a file recovery that is more than professional. It takes a little longer than your competition to search, but your rate of success in return is higher. It could also use some more advanced features to become important.

Key Features and Highlights of Disk Drill Pro:

All/Any drive:
Free Windows PC data recovery program can restore data from almost any storage system — including internally and externally, USB flash discs, iPods, memory cards, and so on.

Tools for recovery:
It has numerous recovery algorithms, including delete protected data, rapid scanning, and deep scanning. It will run one by one before your missing information is identified.

Speed and simplification:
It is as simple as one single click: the scans begin with a single click. There are not so many complex interfaces, press, sit back, and wait to see your files.

All file system:
Numerous types of hard drives and memory cards have numerous storage methods. It will restore deleted files regardless of whether your media has FAT, exFAT, or NTFS file systems, which is HFS+ Mac drive or EXT2/3/4 Linux.


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Recovery Partition:
Often your data is still on your drive, however, you lose or reformat a partition. It will help you to locate and restore the map of your old partition to get your files back.

Vault for recovery:
DiskDrill also defends your Computer from potential data loss besides deleted files recovery. Recovery Vault stores all deleted files and makes retrieving them much easier.

Note: Free version recovers up to 2GB.

Disk Drill Pro Pros & Cons:


  • Two scanning forms.
  • The strong rate of achievement.
  • Works on almost every hard drive both outside and internal.
  • Allows you to access files in advance.


  • It’s in the background constantly.
  • Slightly slow and not original.
  • Can use more options.

Disk Drill Pro Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Cleverfiles
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Version 4.0.535.0

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