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FastCopy Overview:

FastCopy is an unparalleled user interface system for copying and sharing files. Consumers whose machines normally bind up trying to move files should be happy, while others would be just shrugging. While it is easy today to copy files and directories from the Windows-based file explorer, some users lack sophisticated solutions.

FastCopy is a free Windows Open Source application that offers you the advanced file explorer options you need. We may scan the buffer size, copy speed, or adjust file permissions to copy the file or a full archive. You can also handle various types of copies through FastCopy: absolute, differential, enhanced, or synchronized. If you like, you can transfer or delete after copying the original file.

Copy and Transfer Files in a Jiffy:

If the Explorer’s tired of waiting for ages to finish a long copy job for a file, try this easy copy option. FastCopy is an advanced file management application that allows files to be copied and transferred more quickly than Windows Explorer. This app will rejoice users whose machine usually lags behind and links up attempting to transfer huge files.

File Transfer Speed:

As the name of the software implies, FastCopy will give you a secure and fast copy of files that will blow any other boss. In fact, some users checked and validated it twice as quickly as the simple copy and pasting feature in Windows. In addition to copying the files in flash, the User can also be represented by this program, including the MB size, the amount of time that files are transferred, the number of files that have been copied, and the rate of copying.

FastCopy also skips files with problems automatically. It will copy all selected files and files without the operator intervention which is either locked or corrupted. All non-copied files are documented in log files.

The fact that no big change in the use of capital is also worth noting. When moving your file, your RAM will always be small. FastCopy provides a system that can be modified to assess how much RAM this device has in its copy buffers. This software helps you to change the speed of the file, preview, and remove filters. In addition, you will determine whether to record copy errors and whether the system will wipe away all the files you pass. In addition, Unicode and long file names supported.

Software Navigation:

In comparison to other copying applications, such as SSuite Copy Master, FastCopy comes with an Explorer shell extension. The application does not activate the app by itself, so you must install it on your Windows shell to activate it. But once you have done it, you can run it with a right-click option of the program. Only pick the files to copy, start the FastCopy GUI, select the destination tab, and press Execute. The software will copy for you from there.

However, although the copying process is quick, it is not easy to navigate the software, especially for computer novices. It has a very simple interface that is almost one step away from the binary code. A variety of confusing configurations are available including checkboxes “ACL” and “AltStream.” It can also be very difficult to interpret the data because it is a machine translation from the original text. And while there is an alternative to support, it’s typically full of jargon that new users won’t understand immediately.

The freeware has an extremely simple display that is extracted from binary code basically in one stage. Users pick the file they want to copy and the target with simple descriptions and choices. The crowded screen includes a multitude of options. Filters may be included and omitted at copy speed adjustable. ACL and Altstream options are also available.




To make the full impact of the plan, it is nearly important to know what such options are. While FastCopy has a Help menu, it is filled with jargon that is difficult for new users to understand instantly. The test files easily and efficiently copied to the chosen destination and end with a transfer summary, the tallying of MBs, time spent, file total, and the copied rate.

More About FastCopy:

We did not see a need for the software on most computers when it was working as we expected. Certainly, users who copy the conventional CTRL+C macro do not benefit anything from FastCopy. But if you copy massive files that appear to be lenient and slow, this download could be the solution you’re searching for.

Computer developers and machine users are both involved in completing their code activities faster. It normally takes a lot of time to copy and move the file to different locations. FastCopy is a tool to solve this problem. It functions not only as of the standard Windows copy feature but also easily secures deletion and syncing.

The program is easy to run since no setup package exists. With a double click, you can only execute the executable script, and you are. After you have used this software the Windows registry does not display any record. You can copy the software to and transfer it to any storage unit, even a USB flash drive. Only use the computer when the copying and transfer of files required.

Copy or transfer files from one place to another, synchronize data and use this simple piece of software to perform secure deletion acts. It is no wonder that consumers and software developers alike would like to do something related to machine faster and it is among the most common tasks that often take longer than we are prepared to spend on copying or transferring files from one place to the second.

The aim of FastCopy is to fix this problem, a quick, but very powerful solution that does the same thing as the regular Windows copy feature, but better. This can also provide fast synchronization and stable deletion.

The advantages of being portable FastCopy:

FastCopy can be run simply since it comes as an executable file without a setup package, so it is basically a simple double-click. Please note, the Windows Registry does not leave traces and you can copy them on any USB flash drive or other devices and bring them with you as soon as you want to improve the copying or moving process of your file.

The user interface of FastCopy:

The code is clean, but at first glance, you may find it a little difficult. There are several options, but while FastCopy was built to be a simple app, it could not be easily used by others.

Copying or moving options:

Only pick the source and the destination folder to start using it right away, and you are essentially ready to go. Of course, some additional choices, such as copying files of different dimensions or dates, are available.

See the current task for information:

Most significantly, FastCopy also gives you a variety of very useful information on the copying process, such as the rate of transfer, the filed rate, and the total time taken to complete the procedure. This gives you a way to track your results.

Testing its performance:

FastCopy did an outstanding job during our Testing and did a few seconds off compared to Windows’ default ‘copy’ function. Nonetheless, when choosing the file transfer method you should take extra care, as information can be lost. For example, if ‘Copy’ or ‘Push’ is already in the target directory, files similar to those originating from the source would be overwritten.

A powerful and reliable overall method for file management:

In general, FastCopy would be very useful if you tired of having the copy feature for the speed Windows. It can also do a lot more than just transfer files from one folder to other thanks to a strong feature pack.


teracopy fastcopy,



It has a clean GUI, so it’s a little familiar with it. There are many options, and you have to analyze what they are.

Transfer and Import File Options:

Choose the root folder for the software and use it from here, to access it immediately. You have more choices to use, such as copying files of various sizes or dates.

Recent Role Test Information:

You will provide details of it from the software when the copying process takes place. Several specifics include the transfer rate, the remaining total time, and the filed rate. This helps you to track your results.

Performance Testing:

This method has a much better job of reducing the time frame by a few seconds compared to the Windows standard “copy” feature. Please be careful what method you use to pass because some details can get lost.

For example, if you transfer or copy files to a destination directory where the same-named files are already in it, the newly copied files would overwrite them.

Reliable and efficient file management tool:

If you don’t like the slowness of the “copy” Windows feature, then select FastCopy as an option faster. It comes with several features that allow files to be transferred from one folder to another.

Review by FileHippo:

Modern computer users probably won’t see a significant need for this program because the standard CTRL+C macro is still there. However, FastCopy will save you from slow and sluggish machine output if you continuously copy and move large files. The software will slash copying time after you have mastered all its basic functions. Perhaps this program may be the answer you are looking for.

FastCopy Pros & Cons:


  • Copies the files twice as easily as the simple copy and save feature of Windows.
  • The software can be customized.
  • Skips issue files automatically.
  • Shell choice incorporated.


  • Plenty of ways to confuse.
  • Aid file Cryptic.
  • The GUI is hard-to-navigate.
  • Often it is difficult to grasp File Documentations.

FastCopy Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer FastCopy Lab, LLC.
Download Free Download | Open Source
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Version 3.92

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