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FileHippo App Manager Overview:

FileHippo App Manager is a free software updater which will update your computer for obsolete applications against its own set of freeware. Then you can directly download the most modified version from your computer.

This software supports in-house updates so that you don’t have to exit the FileHippo system and manually download updates. You can only install the modified program and access your Install & run button within the FileHippo App Manager immediately.

FileHippo App Manager can search the installed applications from your device, check their versions, and submit them to in order to decide if there are newer updates. If you have new versions, they show properly to access in your browser window.

The Desktop Device Manager is a software application for Windows. How will up-to-date your system? The scan will update and install the program on your computer. AppManager is a simple user interface and your desired color scheme is also available. You’ve already built an update checker for your phones.

It just takes a few seconds to run the FileHippo file manager safe, lightweight. The user interface is simple to use and has been completely updated from previous versions. Now even your favorite color scheme can select. The FileHippo AppManager now facilitates the download and the installation of updates inside the app. The latest presentation, along with fantastic new functionality makes your tech library a must. FileHippo Software Manager.

Supported languages:

Multiple languages supported, and custom scans can specify as in previous versions. This can be useful if you want to install apps somewhere, such as on a separate drive, rather than normal locations. The latest FileHippo AppManager edition also provides planned scanning so that you can search every day for updates of your enabled applications.

Bit Free Download is a great tool that will help maintain your system. For Windows 32/64 Bit Free Download. App Manager can search the installed apps for your device, review the versions, and send the data to to see if new updates exist. Whether new releases will then be displayed properly for you to download in your browser window.


file hippo, FileHippo App Manager


Device Manager for PC is a desktop program from Windows that can update the body. The computer scans it for updates and downloads the software. Free Download Gui for Device Manager is very simple and you select the color strategy you like. It has an update scanner installed for your phones.

For Windows 32 / 64, FileHippo App Manager Bit is just an application that searches the files of a device, returns the details to the website, and tests for newer variants. The simple interface will then allow you to upgrade the URL to some available downloads in a single click. In addition to this simple process, the application manager allows users to personalize the appearance of the device. With a variety of color topics, language choices and decide on an external drive in a different scan venue.

What’s in New version:

The new version is able to put applications for daily scans in its current form. It must be remembered that submitting data to a third party may have security issues, even though it is easy to use and beneficial to maintain software updated. You can use Internet Download Manager as an option

Windows 32/64 Bit lightweight and just a few moments to run. App Manager for Filehippo The user interface is user friendly and has fully modified with previous versions. You can even pick the color scheme you want now! In addition to several other changes, the system manager will now install and download all updates in the system. With this new look and fantastic new features, the App Manager creates an indispensable item in your software library.

Several languages and custom scanning positions are supported, as in previous versions. This could be helpful if you like downloading apps, like on another drive, somewhere other than normal. In addition, the latest version of this free download application manager includes scheduled checks, allowing you to search every day for changes to your installed apps.

As earlier said, Windows 32/64 App Manager can run on almost every Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, XP, 2003, or even the 2000 Windows App Manager. The framework includes a customer profile Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0 can be downloaded or the installer will automatically download and request.


free download, FileHippo App Manager


FileHippo App Manager is a simple application but also has essential features in related software update packages.

More Detail About FileHippo App Manager:

Available on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000. The latest version of FileHippo app manager 2.0 in Windows 10.

FileHippo App Manager displays the version of the corresponding software currently installed and describes how long ago it and the most up-to-date version number were released.

The list of programs that can be modified with FileHippo App Manager can be filtered to show you the oldest programs that require updates. It can show, for example, that your edition is version 1.0 and that released two years ago, with version 5.0 as an upgrade available.

To view all programs identified by the FileHippo App Manager on your computer, not simply outdated programs, please select options on the output page.

Any upgrades or the latest version of the software could be covered, so you won’t see that any longer on the results (if you want to see upgrades again, that move can be reversed later).

Add custom folders to your FileHippo App Manager scan settings so you can search for obsolete applications elsewhere rather than just the regular installation folders for the application.

Key Features and Highlights of the Filehippo App Manager:

  • FileHippo App Manager displays the current version number of the corresponding software install and clarifies how long the update released.
  • To order to identify among the earliest applications that need to upgrade, the list of installed programs that App Manager Free Download can be changed.
  • On the results page, you can choose alternatives to view the FileHippo App Manager Free Download programs identified from your PC and the Installation Routes and any trial versions.
  • Both updates or the latest version can be concealed so that you can no longer display them on the results tab.
  • Insert Customized files into the Device Manager for Windows 32/64 search settings. So, instead of only the usual device installation directories, you can search for any outdated apps elsewhere.
  • Quick and easy to use installs.
  • It plans to upgrade the services.
  • Document of small size.
  • Program of lightweight.
  • Supports all computer programs of any kind.

Final Thoughts on FileHippo App Manager:

For a long time, I’ve been using FileHippo App Manager, and I never had a problem with that. It’s very easy to use, and you can find and upgrade obsolete programs for almost all the applications I installed on my Computer without extra unnecessary settings.

The schedule you can set is very easy for you to install and then forget about the FileHippo Task Manager before one of your applications needs an update. Then update your system manager from right there and then move ahead – it’s very, very convenient.

I have mentioned earlier that FileHippo App Manager does not have the possibility of installing updates in batch. And, while it is true that you do not have a one-click option, all updates can be downloaded in one go. Each program manager can download it simultaneously. If you are ready to install it, you will need to select Run next to each one.

You can either upgrade a program via the developer ‘s Website or search for your own applications without a software update. You can install updates for so many programs at once with an updater like FileHippo Device Manager, without ever leaving the very pleasant software.

FileHippo App Manager Pros & Cons:


  • Simple to run.
  • May search for schedule changes.
  • Quickly mount.
  • Too little size for download.
  • Updates to your app.
  • Program of lightweight.
  • It funds other services.
  • Could be patched to beta versions of the programs.
  • Quick downloads supported.


  • This code manager does not update every program on the FileHippo website.
  • Do not allow downloads of the true sample.

FileHippo App Manager Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Adobe
Download Free Download Free Trial
Size 2.04 MB
Version 2.0 Beta 4

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