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Windows OS Free and Payable Boot Drive:

You can hold a complete Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 in your pocket and it is stored inside a flash-disk with FlashBoot. The Free version of the program allows you to build a fresh bootable Windows copy on USB and clone your entire Windows installation with documents, files, settings, and more. Also, the Pro version is free to use.

FlashBoot is a great tool to build USB drives with Windows installation, completely bootable and usable. FlashBoot is a completely working and system-friendly kit packed ISO to USB on the market.

You can install Windows 7 without problems on a new laptop or PC using FlashBoot. It prepares Windows installation of USB flash drivers so that you can install Windows 7 on any new device, including Kaby Laken and Ryzen platforms, easily and quickly. It can also slipstream user-supplied drivers, in addition to built-in USB 3.0, NVMe, and RAID driver.

The program also helps you to install the Windows OS instance on a USB storage device to boot from any PC. With this app you will go through Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 fully-functional, ready to go in your pocket in any circumstances. If you are sitting on a strange computer, do you need your favorite app, text, game, or browser? Only break out the program for your USB computer!

Windows Backup portable:

For planning a fresh Windows update, FlashBoot is useful for a new computer that you are buying or for a customer device that needs to be fully reinstalled under your supervision. The Pro version is suitable to create a replica in your current system so that you can switch from your old computer to your new one without any missing settings, data, or applications.

You can update Windows 7 with FlashBoot on your new laptop or desktop without any problems. It will prepare Windows USB thumb drive with built-in drivers, enabling Windows 7 to be installed on any new device, like Kaby Lake and Ryzen. FlashBoot can add user-supplied drivers, in addition to built-in drivers. In addition, Windows 10/8.1/8 can be completely installed on a USB thumb drive to allow you to transport your OS, software, documents, and games anywhere you go!

If you don’t love Windows 10 due to OS-builtin, forced updates, prompt rebooting, and all-encompassing telemetry-you’ll have to go back to Windows 7. However, technology advances and older operating systems can hardly keep up. Windows 7 fails on the first monitor on a new laptop: mouse, keyboard, and boot system on new laptops are not available for Windows7 due to the lack of support for USB 3.0.

Finally, Flash Boot makes it easy to install older operating systems from a USB thumb drive. Such as Windows XP, running a minified release (called BartPE) of a USB thumb drive. You can même use this tool to create independent EXE files for quick deployment anywhere you need them, which can be auto extracted exactly what you want. If additional tools will the USB thumb drive capacity, then the software restores it automatically to maximum capacity.


A CD / DVD drive is obviously required for the installation of a Windows operating system on a device. You may claim that during the installation process, this is the most important machine component. If it crashes, it will take some time that your machine is without an OS. FlashBoot will prevent such scenarios. It will transform a Windows installation disc to a USB bootable device and more. You can install the system on a USB drive instead of installing your operating system from a disc.

Generate USB storage bootable devices from USB, CD, DVD or disc, USB non-bootable format, or mount a mini-operating system. This is the mobile FlashBoot version, a powerful and user-friendly program that enables users to create bootable USB flash drives easily as well.

As installation is not a precondition, any position on the drive can be dropped and the executable can be just pressed. Alternatively, to operate on any computer seamlessly, you can save FlashBoot to a pen or other portable device. Importantly, the registry is not changed to Windows with new entries, and no additional files are generated on an HDD without user consent.

You can start with the job type, by creating a bootable flash drive that can be used to install a certain windows edition, installing a Mini OS on the computer or displaying USB drive contents, or formatting the drives as non-bootable (via Wipe or Fast format). The wizard-like structure represents the GUI.


boot exe download,


The source and output files may be on a disc / USB or an image file for the abovementioned jobs. For the mini OS, FlashBoot will configure a fully-functional Windows 8/8.1/10 version and Windows XP mini version of BartPE. In addition, you will install on your drive a bootable DOS or UEFI Disk.

Works fast and efficient:

FlashBoot runs on low CPU and RAM and executes a task quickly without any problems. Our research did not show error dialogues and no computer crashed or hanged. Finally, this is a reliable application that provides a quick and straightforward solution for booting USB flash drives.

It operates on a variety of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, SysLinux or GRUB4DOS, Linux Kernel, etc. The installation process of the 23.0 MB file may take a little more time to download, but with a slower connexion.

FlashBoot is basically an assistant. You can now select one of five tasks when passing the Welcome screen and the wizard guides you through various settings, depending on your choice. You can also convert CD or DVD to a bootable USB device from a disc or other USB drive in addition to the installation. A mini OS, such as Windows NT password editor, FreeDOS, Minimal SysLinux, and many others, can also be mounted on a USB device.

You need to pick the drive, choose an example, such as converting a CD to Windows, removing the CD from the recovery console, and more before the program begins the installation disc. You can pick one or more clusters and different values at the end of the disc, after choosing a USB drive, a label for volume, and a file system. When you have finished the setup, your USB computer is formatted and converted.

You have to switch an operating system to a new PC or disc if you recently purchased a new computer or replaced an HDD with an SSD with all installed applications, settings, documents, games, and browsers. It’s a time-consuming and slow process, however.

FlashBoot Save your time:

A tool that can save you time is FlashBoot. Build a clone on your USB thumb drive / HDD, instantly moving all of your Applications to another device, including all of your apps and files. Also, including your Windows 7/8.x/10 software: FlashBoot supports driver integration and has a large package. For the upcoming ransomware attack, loss/theft of your computer, fault with your hard disc, or fault of Windows Update. You can easily copy and restore your entire operating system and all programs in no time!

Bootable clones are the second feature of FlashBoot that allows you to boot Windows 8.1/10 from any PC directly from USB storage. In your pocket have a copy of your Laptop ready to go every time. Do you need your favorite app, text, game, or browser while you travel? Do you need a second privacy working environment? Break out your USB thumb drive with your FlashBoot-ready bootable clone!

Even with NVMe storage devices and USB 3.0 controllers, FlashBoot will help install Windows 7 in new computers. FlashBoot can prepare a USB-based thumb drive with all necessary drivers. And, also FlashBoot can re-install your Windows 10 OEM copy in-place, to provide you with an unpartitioned disc space for dual-boot configurations.

Fresh install Windows 8.x/10, which boots independently from the main OS on HDD / SSD. And, from USB storage device picking up, supports the conversion to a bootable USB storage device.

Alternative of FlashBoot:

The image files are workable. You can also convert picture files from the software. In addition, instead of a bootable USB device, you can create an image file. The software allows you to format or wipe the USB device immediately if you wish to use it normally.


flashboot commands,


Note: Free and Pro editions are available, with no time/use limits. The free version is self-useful and corresponds roughly to other free tools on the market.

Bottom Line:

FlashBoot is a useful Windows utility tool that can provide a free subscription level that can create a clean install of your Windows OS license. You can, however, have an entirely custom version of your own Windows install ready in case of an emergency. Or an update if you are willing to shell out a small amount of cash for the Pro version.

FlashBoot Pros & Cons:


  • Keep all applications and settings.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Multiple versions of Windows are supported.
  • Build custom file .exe standalone files.


  • Unsupported until 7 Windows versions.
  • Windows updates are inaccessible for backup.
  • There’s a lot of work to do.
  • Behind a paywall, premium functionality.

FlashBoot Wikipedia:

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Developer PrimeExpert Software
Download Free Download | Freeware
Size 52.4 MB
Version 3.3

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