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FocusMe Overview:

FocusMe is the most effective tool for Windows PC, Mac & Android website blocker. You can arrange your focus sessions beforehand with the Scheduler. Plan a week in front of you to see what you’ve done! Remember to take a break or to be compelled to remain active! You are a fan of the technique Pomodoro? Focus Me is built-in with a Pomodoro Timer.

Block programs and websites with this helpful tool that can help you spend time more effectively and enhance your workflows. Often it seems that the day of 24 hours doesn’t apply to all of us, and depending on the arrangement of the activities we perform differs significantly from person to person.

The FocusME is a software that lets you make more of your time, as it allows you to create a distraction-free atmosphere for applications and websites which might seem too enticing to function continuously.

Will you have to do some work? Join time-consuming access in seconds for websites and desktop apps. Say Good-bye as long as you want any distractions or online extensions. Would you want to use Google Docs or other cloud bases? It is often not the safest way to completely shut down the Internet. Just permit your websites and block the rest of your work.

With technology, you don’t want to mess. You do not need to restart or clear your web browser. Install the app and concentrate on doing stuff in two minutes.

Pay attention: Focus Me app is the world’s most powerful machine blocking program. It doesn’t matter if the timer is restarted if you are dedicated to the blocking cycle (Forced Mode). You may also say FocusMe to guard against uninstallation. You can tailor the app to your needs and easily create personal routines.

Helps you build strategies to improve your productivity:

As already mentioned, FocusMe is a productivity tool that allows you to easily control your working time because it can limit access to your favorite websites and applications and allow breaks and whitelist things so it conforms to your plans.


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The program offers a well-organized user-interface in several parts, such as “Focus Plan,” “Program operation,” “Breaks,” “Settings.”

At any point, you can build and modify your schedule, block all, or selected websites, and build an exception list. Even community websites according to their form can be used to manipulate FocusMe just some of them. Please notice that the same is true of requests.

Can block access and arrange your breaks to websites and apps:

In addition, three different methods to maximize your productivity are available. You can fully block and calculate the maximum number of launches per day, optimize the usage time per launch, and minimum break time between launch. You can also set the maximum number of programs and sites per launch.

With regard to “Application / Web Behavior,” you can take a look at how you communicate with your machine and clear the story whenever you think it is necessary.

With regard to breaks, you have to know that FocusMe enables you to follow a strict timetable, while the hardcore mode is built for this reason only. Therefore, the use of the software should have visible implications in the long term.

A handy tool that enhances your workflow:

FocusMe is, in all, a sophisticated software tool that aims to let you realize how your time is spent. It provides several strategies to minimize idleness and to prevent access to information that can distract you from your tasks.

A lot of distractions will keep you from working on a computer. You can focus on an essential project one moment, then you can look up the Fourth Crusade failures or watch funny cat videos on the Internet. That’s where FocusMe joins. It will eliminate any interruption so that you can concentrate on important tasks. This is done by blocking access to social media and other items you may be tempted to look at momentarily.

Without major feature limitations, the app is free to explore. It operates on all Windows modern platforms and uses not much energy. It will also not ask for any particular tools or services; otherwise, the application would not function properly, however you would like to set an exception for your antivirus programs.

The user interface includes several parts that allow you to block diverse distractions, plan breaks, and display a variety of statistics. You may set FocusMe to block websites in social media or to block internet access. In addition, time limits can be set for news sources and e-mail customers. Moreover, the app provides a special option to block porn pages.

More About FocusMe:

The program allows you to make a variety of great tweaks for each blocking feature. You can select, for example, easy blocks, time-restricted blocks, or a limited number of starts and even choose between various types of schedules. You can also compile a whitelist for applications and websites and blacklist, allow active security, and much more.

In addition to blocking distractions, the app will inform you or compel you to stop periodically. At an interval of your choosing, you can go from easy recalls to forced, password-protected breaks. You should let the app create a random password if you are really trying to force yourself to take a break so that you can not restart using your device until the break is over. The ability to set regular or weekly schedules and force the user to pause makes the program very useful even in applying the rules for children who use the machine.


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FocusMe is going to allow you to focus on your essential things, whether you like it or not, whether you want to finish your job in time.

Key Features and Highlights of FocusMe:

  • Establish a plan to ensure the important things are done
  • Limit time on every website or application every day or an hour and easily save 2 hours a day
  • Act 25% better by preventing multi-tasks
  • Get your rights back with website blocker from social media
  • Go cold Turkey and stop sports, sports, and porn addictions.
  • If you like a week, a month, a year, or ever, blacklists websites or apps!
  • Only let your children play video games you consent to
  • Online and desktop games and websites with restricted time
  • Follow how your children use the PC
  • Enhance the productivity of employees
  • Prevent access to websites or applications or time constraints
  • Implement corporate strategies
  • Customize exceptions absolutely
  • Set exceptions to your willingness
  • Temporary breaks in cases of emergency
  • Keep going when your mind is changed and “you don’t like it”
  • Establish long-term schedules and work routines
  • Make good conduct more automatic and poor behavior
  • Allow the auto driver your efficiency by building habits
  • Keep your will and forever stop your bad habits
  • Transform your ineffective conduct into constructive acts

Note: 14 days trial version.

FocusMe Pros & Cons:


  • You can keep your work focussed and take daily breaks with the app.
  • It can be set to enforce the rules without allowing you to get around them too much.


  • The software may be hindered by antivirus programs.

FocusMe Wikipedia:

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