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Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Crosses the Gap:

The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack includes a free tool for working with documents produced in the newer Word, Excel, and PowerPoint versions of the programs, even though you do use older versions of the programs. It is a convenient solution for anyone who wants to remain up to date with files, but who are hesitant to update to the most popular Microsoft Office products for one reason or another.

The Latest Microsoft Office versions like 2016, 2013, or 2010 are going to save files with an add-on X extension like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, etc. However, if you submit the file to a person with another Ofice version, he can have problems while trying to open the file. These problems have been solved by this program. New versions of Microsoft software are now available in which you always have compatibility problems when you have older versions. Now you need a tool to save yourself from a mess. This category includes the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

It is a tool that fixes errors and allows files to be saved, edited, and viewed across versions. You don’t have those problems even though you obtain a document from a new version source. When it comes to downloading and installing the functions it is just an easy procedure. Given the models, you should still be able to do it on all operating systems.

More About Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack:

This is a full suite with a quicker download and update. You will be able to access the configuration file with just a few clicks. Now you can open the app on the screen, allowing you to manage all types of features. It is a simple tool that does not require expertise. All test runs show that this is a valuable instrument for this purpose. Seek to forget about errors in this compatibility kit.

A freeware for Desktop, laptop, and Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems is a freeware license for Microsoft Office Compatibility Kit for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats. It is available for free download in certain types of applications for all app users. If someone asks you by phone why they can not open an MS Word folder, you can have only one answer: they are trying to open a DOCX file with an older version of Word.

Since the release of MS Office 2007, this has been a problem, particularly for novice users who pay little attention to file formats. Fortunately, this dilemma can also be solved. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack can patch early versions of Office to make them compatible with Office 2007 files, in particular DOCX, XLSX, and other documents.

In less than a minute, you can fully run your Microsoft Office Compatibility Kit. Before downloading the compatibility kit, it is highly advisable to download the latest updates from Microsoft. The configuration file is only 37 MB in size, which you should not access until the connection is slow. Nothing but agreeing to the license terms and pressing a button to update does include the installation process itself.

Easy GUI:

If Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is enabled, you do not have to deal with a user interface or make more settings. Next, run your Word or any of its equivalents installed and open a document produced in 2007 or later. Office 2007. This compatibility kit works with MS Office 2000, Office XP, and Office 2003 and can provide them with supporting documentation produced before or after Office 2007.


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Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is a complement to Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003, a common and industry-leading successful suite. You can then open, edit, and save files using newer formats that were introduced by Word, and Excel. Also, PowerPoint in the 2007 and 2010 versions by downloading this package. You will be able to continue using your old office version with this method. But you will only be able to access a few files which your own old version can not open natively without purchasing expensive Office versions.

There are no user interfaces or configuration options available in the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. This is a very basic setup kit that even full Windows and Office novices can handle. It will automatically be incorporated in your old Office version to download, install, and update files. As well as, other software and services, allowing you to start loading, updating, saving, editing, and publishing Office documents created by later versions.

This kit includes the same minimum device specifications as Office that you are currently using. So, do not be afraid that your regular Office usage will start running harder unexpectedly and demand more computing power or a newer version of Windows OS.

Must be installed on Desktop by all old Office users:

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is one of the recent additions to the famous Microsoft Office productivity kit and must be installed on your Desktop by all old Office users. In order to make sure the installer is pulled next month. Microsoft secretly modified its official download page of the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats. The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack has built with Office 2007 release as Microsoft modified file formats. To permit users running old versions of Office to open documents that have been created using newer versions of a productivity suite.

During the 2003 Office, XLS, and PPT, respectively, were used by the company to upgrade DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files to DOCX, and PPTX, respectively. The software giant shipped this Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to allow users to rely on the old version of the productivity kit until Office 2013 to edit new documents.

And now, Microsoft is able to pull this pack absolutely, even though there is no official announcement. As Woody Leonhard states, all scheduled for April, when other updates and security patches no longer provided in the box.

Download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack:

No further details of this decision can be provided by Microsoft, and the download page provides only general Compatibility Pack information. KB924074, which is Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack official documentation, does not contain any specific specifics on the withdrawal date. But only information that users will open new file formats in earlier Microsoft Office versions.


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Microsoft’s decision is most often based on the fact that only a few clients still run old Office productivity suite versions. And, no upgrade kit required to incorporate support for new file formats. On the other hand, you may still download the Office Compatibility Pack from FileHippo.Pro. With this connection after the retirement date even though Microsoft decides to remove the installer entirely.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Pros & Cons:


  • Crosses the difference between new and older data.
  • Download and use free of charge.


  • Unnecessary if the new program is already in operation.
  • Can allow a further update to function.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Wikipedia:

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Developer Microsoft Corporation / Office Compatibility Pack
Download Free Download | Freeware
Size 3.5 MB
Version 12.0.6514.5001

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