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Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio Overview:

A multi-track recording program for Download Mixcraft Pro Studio Free Download is also available as host for a particular virtual instrument or MIDI sequencer. Mixcraft Pro Studio The music production has taken a huge step forward in Download Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 Free because it has highlights, that include a competent MIDI chronicle, pitch moves, time span, and video sequencing. CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra can also be downloaded.

The Download Free Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 GUI is highly eye-infectious and includes plenty of choices. Novices may find it very difficult to start working with it because broad learning was needed in acoustics. As well as, Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 Download Free has some great instruments like piano, organ emulators, basses and drums, etc. This also gives you the chance to compose various melodic notes for every instrument in musical composition.

With this choice, you can also adjust the octave, note, and pitch. Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 is a daunting application built for the performers with everything in mind. As well as, Mixcraft Pro Studio provides a fully functioning “studio-in-a-box” recording package, completely fitted with all the bells and whistles that are required. A working video editing and scoring system are also supported in Mixcraft Pro Studio.

More About Mixcraft Pro Studio:

Cross the video clips and add a professional touch to the video. Enable video slideshows, add titles, and view text. Make it your own and personalize. A virtual analog and digital library technical synthesizer is provided by Mixcraft Pro Studio. Publish directly to an audio CD, digitally, or in your preferred format. As well as, Ultimately, Mixcraft Pro Studio provides users of levels and specifications with advanced audio-manipulation and experience.

Mixcraft Pro Studio is more than a recording studio – it’s also a versatile video editing and scoring system packed with apps. Video clips edit, clean, and crossfade create seamless video transitions, add headers and scrolling text, and combine them all in various web-friendly formats. As well as, Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 is a comprehensive Eurorack-style virtual modular synthesizer featuring 45 modules and hundred of presets that includes the award-winning Cherry Audio Modular Tension Ignite. The endless power of modular synthesis is experimented to create large, complex spots.

As well as, Without a great grand piano, there would be no recording studio, and the award-winning Pianissimo Grand Piano sounds and looks truly exceptional. The very first note describes why MusicTechn’s “pure, sensitive and dry” magazine named Pianissimo, sounding sterile or overproduced.

The last desktop program to mix and master pro-level! Mixcraft Pro Studio offers over US$ 1250 worth of “plug-ins” with six additional virtual tools and 28 additional effects. As well as, This is the complete kit for record-ready productions with incredibly practical equipment and superlative audio processing capabilities. See the comparison chart below for a list of all instruments and effects.


acoustica mixcraft pro studio 8,


Integrated Melodyne Tuning Software:

Celemony ‘s innovative program for the tuning of Melodyne sets the benchmark as a sounding sound that is both natural and easy to use. Mixcraft Pro Studio takes things one step further with the incorporation of Melodyne Necessary directly into the sound editing video of Mixcraft (and the removal of time-consuming sound transfers). Whether you actually shift intonation or notes in order to change output dramatically, it was never easier to edit vocal pitch!

Stunning Synths:

The music software combines analog and digital virtual professional synthesizers with careful design. Memory moon recreates the shattered analog fatness of the Moog Memorymoog. ME80 Version 2 is the killer model with a completely excellent user interface and a brand new sound engine for a standard Yamaha CS-80. As well as, The new analog virtual synthesizer Kastelheimer Veldberg XD is based on hardware VA synths with massive programming options – a true goldmine of solid analog and digital stamps!

Peerless Piano:

Pianissimo is a virtual piano that is amazingly playing and practical. Pianissimo recreates the energy, reaction, and playability of the real grand piano by integrating 250 MB of high-end SteinwayTM D piano samples with advanced physical modeling. As well as, Pianissimo Virtual Piano offers an aura of sophistication and authenticity with model-like emotional echo, incidental hammer sounds, excellent tonal control, and speed response, a 256-speed voice of polyphony, and remarkably low CPU use.

Superior Mastering Tools:

With an impressive collection of mastering plug-ins, your tracks hit a new level of audio fidelity. Create a professional scene with a suite of iZotope Masterings. As well as, Equalizer portion of one of the most sought-after consoles in the world, with a TB Parametric EQ or GSXL4070 Parametric reproduction. Offer Ferox Tape Emulator analog tape compression and blow. Create banging dance remixes with the compressor SideKick6.

Vacuum Tube Virtuosity:

What doesn’t love tubing sound dry, smooth? The VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor, TRW-1 Vacuum Tube Triode Warmer, PSEQ-1 Vacuum Tube Passive EQ, and VBE-1 Vacuum Tube Bass Enhancer provides a knockout punch of Tube modeling Effects. Treblecream ideally smoothes hard high frequencies, while FAT+ blends analog fire, distortion of the vacuum tube, and tape saturation into a single effect for massive tracks.

Innovative Sound Shapers:

Recreate the grunge with TimeMachine Bit Crusher for 8-bit video games and 12-bit samplers. Create lush sonic spaces in three dimensions using reverb technology from Fusion Sector. As well as, Dubshox Multi-band Distortion, featuring about 40 different distortions and shapers, encourage sonic anarchy. Recreate with the VTD-42 psychedelic delay the dry, smooth, and triple textures of early tape-oriented delay systems.

And So Much More!

Boost the XBass Bass Enhancer to the max. As well as, Boost Mid Side Harmonic Vitaliser+ stereo imaging. Apply to the twist head twist VS-206 preamp grunge and water. The list continues and continues! To view all of Mixcraft Pro Studio’s additional plug-ins, click here. As well as, Your music won’t sound identical.


mixcraft 7 download,


Mixcraft Pro Studio is an Audio & Multimedia category free-testing software framework from the subcategory Multimedia Development Tools. The software is currently available in German, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Spanish, and last updated on the 2014-12-20 edition. As well as, The app is available in German and French. Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista, WinVista x64, and WinXP can be used to install this program.

Mixcraft Pro Studio is available for download from our website and has a file size of 1.99 MB (version 7.0). Click the green button Download at the top. The software was 110040 times downloaded so far. We have already checked that the download link is safe, but we advise you to scan the software downloading with your antivirus for your own safety.

Key Features and Highlights of Mixcraft Pro Studio:

  • More than 7,500 sound and sample loops.
  • Board of Live Performance
  • As well as, Piano Roll Writer, Phase Writer, and Music Notation.
  • Editing of video
  • Tracks Unrestricted
  • Melodyne native incorporated
  • As well as, Veldberg XD New in Kastelheim!
  • 8 Out Fresh Omni Sampler!
  • ME80 Analog Retro Synthesizer
  • Version 2 of ME80
  • As well as, Analog synthesizer Memorymoon Vintage
  • Large Piano Acoustics Pianissimo
  • Viper Glass
  • Impetus: Impetus
  • As well as, Messiah
  • VA Minilogue
  • Orgel VB3
  • Instruments of Acoustics
  • As well as, Expanded Acoustic Instruments
  • Studio drums Acoustica
  • Bass Synthesizer for Alien 303
  • Digital Piano Lizard Lounge
  • As well as, Model F of the Combo Organ
  • Model V Combo Organ
  • Day trips
  • Renunciation
  • Sampler Alpha
  • Sampler of Omni

Even More Features:

  • As well as, Essentials Melodyne New! New!
  • VTD-42 Delay Fresh Psychedelic!
  • 31 Band Match Acoustic
  • Acoustica Pro Reverb Machine
  • As well as, Water Wait Dub Master
  • FAT+ Foundation
  • Emulator for Ferox Tape
  • Triune Vitalizer FSQ1964
  • Parametric EQ GSXL4070
  • Mastering Essentials iZotope
  • As well as, Follower+ Mid-Side Envelope
  • Harmonic mid-side Vitalizer+
  • Stereo phase Mid-Side Filter+
  • Gate for TB
  • As well as, Equalizer TB Parametric
  • Bit Crusher TimeMachine
  • VS-206 Preamp Distorted
  • Power Enhancer XBass 4000L
  • As well as, Convolution Reverb Fusion Field
  • SideKick6 Compressor SideKick6
  • As well as, Digital Bass Amp Lab Demon
  • Multiband Distortion of Dubshox
  • Honeymoon
  • As well as, Warmer Triode TRW-1 Vacuum Tube
  • VTC-1 Compressor Vacuum Tube
  • Delay of POD4500
  • As well as, PSEQ-1 Passive Reference Vacuum Tube
  • VBE-1 Tube Bass Enhancer Vacuum Tube
  • LM-2Z ZENER boundary
  • European ProMixEQ-10A New!
  • As well as, Compressor New DTC-1!
  • ORB7000 Reverb New Octave!
  • Chorus of Acoustics
  • As well as, Compressor Acoustica
  • Delay in acoustics
  • Distortion of sounds
  • EQ Acoustica Acoustica
  • As well as, Flanger Acoustic
  • Reverb Acoustics
  • Amplifier Voxengo
  • As well as, The analyzer of Voxengo Spectrum
  • Equalizer of EZQ
  • Tune Tuner Guitar
  • ZapVocal
  • As well as, Loop EQ Pultronic
  • Simulator of Shred Amp
  • Multiband transmitter transmission
  • As well as, Set GSnap Pitch

Bottom Line:

Mixcraft Pro Studio 9 sounds like a double cost device and v9 is a great addition.

Mixcraft Pro Studio Pros & Cons:


  • Pleasant new additions to the workflow.
  • The catalog of huge effects of the plugin.
  • A few really good tools.
  • Slick GUI incredible.
  • As well as, Feels like an advanced DAW.


  • A little dark (beginning!).
  • As well as, Some devices look pretty vintage.

Mixcraft Pro Studio Wikipedia:

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Developer Acoustica, Inc.
Download Free Download | Commercial ware
Size 3.5 MB
Version 9.0 Build 460

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