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MP4 Player Overview:

Due to its high compression rate and the lightness of its files MP4 is one of the popular video formats online, which makes downloading simple and fast. You can play MP4 files on your desktop with MP4 Player free software. This can be beneficial because you may not be able to download additional codecs or add-ins to make them MP4-compatible with all other video players. This is possible.

The software is easy to use and very basic. The screen and many menus are quick. The first one helps you to search the MP4 file(s) that you want to use. The full-screen option is offered in the Player menu, which enables you to view your full-screen MP4 videos as its name implies. Finally, by using the About menu you can find the version number, the name of the developer, and the date of copyright.

The program’s interface also has a button that automatically triggers the Full-Screen feature and a slide bar showing the progress of video playback. Graphic volume control is also available. You can be disappointed when you want an MP4 player with several features. But if you need a simple program that is easy to use, you might want to check it out. Moreover, MP4 Player gives you the ability to play MP4, FLV, and WebM video files anytime, without requiring the first conversion on your Windows computer.

More About MP4 Player:

It’s not amazing, but it’s a decent choice if you all want to watch videos in their compatible formats through a convenient GUI. You can play video formats such as WebM, MP4, and FLV with MP4 Planer. MP4 Player. To run the program, you need a Windows machine. It saves you the trouble of translating these formats like other programs. The GUI is fast and quick to understand.

Rather than any other file format these days, Digital Web pages use FLV and MP4 file formats. Unfortunately, some people do not have the right file retrieval tools. However, all your problems are resolved is downloading the Free MP4 Player windows update. The app provides many features, such as volume setting, playback control, complete viewing mode, and the ability to zoom from 0.5x to 2x anywhere. Functions for drag and drop as well as associations of files are also available. Drag it into the Player window if you want to play a video game. It’s going to play instantly.

MP4 Player Description:

Most websites store MP4 and FLV files. MP4 and FLV. Many people don’t know how these files can be used. It’s just an MP4 Match! MP4 Player is an MP4 and FLV video file player program for the Windows application. MP4 Player supports 0.5x/1x/2x zoom mode, full-screen mode, progress control of playback, control of volume. As well as, MP4 Player offers drag-and-drop file association support so you are able to open and play video files double-click or drag-and-drop.


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You can build and manage playlists with this software as well. It does not need a complicated method for Flash Authoring and Flash creation to use the MP4 Player independently. You will be able to conveniently display and preview your MP4 and FLV files.

Key Features & Highlights of MP4 Player:

  • Free & Stable Download MP4 Player!
  • The new version of MP4 Match!
  • Works on all models of Windows
  • Choice of users!


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Video, Image & Audio Player:

Playback of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. Media Player Lite is able to play VCDs, SVCDs, and DVDs with no codecs necessary. AVI, AVI, JPEG, JPG, AVI, M4A, WAX, OGG, WMA, ASF, MOV, OGG, WAV, MPEG, WAV, MPEG, AAC, OGG, WMV. As well as, WMA, WMA, MP2, OGG, WMA / OGG, ASX, AAC, WAX, ASF, AAC, AU, AIFF, ASF, OGGF. H.264 DivX, XviD, flash video are also supported by MPL.

Playing MP4 On Windows – No Codecs:

Suitable for opening MP4 files without MP4 codec packs on Windows XP, Vista & 7. It is possible to build music playlists (Mpl and m3u), to open albums easily.

Minimalistic and Lightweight:

MediaPlayerLite is a quick GUI for fast and lightweight playback of videos. The H.264, XviD, MKV, and MP4 AAC are quickly loaded and enhanced by the GPU.

Open Source & Always Free:

MediaPlayerLite is the Media Player Classic – Home Theater free and open-source oriented. Get always free of charge from MediaPlayerLite!


Can be found in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Netherlands, Japanese, and much more.


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You do not need advanced content playback Flash creation programs. The MP4 Player program offers a much more accessible preview of your FLV video and MP4 file. Here is a longer list of characteristics:

  • WebM, MP4, and FLV file formats compatibility
  • File thumbnails are shown in the playlist view
  • The 0.5x, 1x, and 2x Zoom mode.
  • Comprehensive mode with displays
  • Drag and drop video file playback support
  • Double-click pairing of the compatible video files
  • Monitor Volume / Mute
  • Regulation of the status of playback
  • Create playlists
  • Displays of audio and video data


The reproduction is smooth, transparent, and quick. There were no problems with it. A broad variety of playlists and playlists are made. They are a safe way to prevent individual videos from opening whenever you want them to play. Let the playlist automatically do it for you.


By entering their URL address into the program you should be able to open a video from the internet. The tests showed, sadly, that this feature does not work correctly.


MP4 Player is a professional program that offers quality playback and a convenient interface, even if it does not contain lots of whistles and bells. You should try it for 10 days and it costs $29.99 in full.

Note: 10 days trial version.

MP4 Player Pros & Cons:


  • Smooth playback: All videos we reviewed in this framework have played smoothly and clearly, without any load times or any problems. We have tested and found no problems playing videos in all compatible formats.

  • Playlist options: You can also build a playlist from your computer videos in addition to playing videos and then run it without constantly going back and picking up a new video to play. Adding videos into playlists is also easy, allowing you to add the content of a whole folder simultaneously.


  • Opening from URL: Videos can be accessed directly from a URL instead of opening files already downloaded on your computer, but this method did not work during our testing process. We have tried to add a video URL to the corresponding field several times, but once the operation had finished, the app only returned to a white main screen.

MP4 Player Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer TOMaBO
Download Free Download | Trial
Size 3.5 MB
Version 3.35.7

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