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A Windows optimized version of Firefox:

If you love Firefox but think it’s still a bit too late, instead try Pale Moon! The goal behind Pale Moon is to create a fully customizable Firefox version that is customized to take advantage of your windows setup. Pale Moon has redesigned Firefox from source and configured the web browser to achieve higher page rendering, scripting, and control menu speeds.

A Goanna based Web Browser, open-source, and open source for Microsoft Windows and Linux (in the development of other operating systems), which focuses on efficiency and ease of use is Pale Moon 64-bit. Make sure your browser gets the most out of it!

Built from their own browsers, the independently developed source that is forked from Firefox / Mozilla code. Pale Moon offers a browsing experience that blends carefully chosen functions and optimizations to optimize browser speed, resource usage, stability, and user experience. It offers full customization and an expanded range of topics to address. The Pale Moon Offline Installer installer is now available for download!

Based on Firefox, Pale Moon offers the same stability, reliability, and support for Firefox extensions and themes as the original browser. You can also use most of the features and options of the program, although some of them-such as parental controls and accessibility options-were sacrificed to use less memory.

Pale Moon is the same as Firefox, so you will notice no difference here. Now, will you see any significant speed improvements? Probably that’s just something that you can say in the long run. Pale Moon is an important browser for Firefox that offers higher speeds and better utilization of device resources.

More About Pale Moon:

Thanks to its security and efficiency, Firefox is one of the best and most valued browsers. Pale Moon is a Mozilla-based project, but with numerous additional features to boost reliability, performance, and speed. Some of its functionality is optimization for updated processors, customizable interfaces, increased stability in preventing unforeseen browsing crashes. As well as, support for HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL extensions, and support for HTML5.

It also includes special options for accessibility and an integrated parental system for preventing access to certain pages. Although it constantly evolves and has a large user community, Pale Moon’s philosophy is to not change its main interface by releasing new versions, leaving every user to change it anyway.

Firefox-based web browsers offer quick navigation while retaining a user-friendly, traditional Firefox-based interface. In the last 10 years, a lot has changed in terms of how the internet is affecting and contributing to our lives. But one thing that has remained the same is the fact that we still use web browsers to help us make online work.

Today, a few popular names dominate the browser industry but the most interesting feature of it is the sheer number of good options currently on the market. Pale Moon has been released in late 2009 and has since been one of the best options for a specific user niche, creating its reputation among the industry’s top browsers.

On Pale Moon, a bit of history:

Pale Moon is all about customizability, reliability, and speed with the slogan “Your browser, your path.” Many of you may know by now that Mozilla’s Firefox project actually has a range of hand-picked features and improvements.


pale moon all version,


Here’s a short overview: Pale Moon is still running in single-process mode, whereas modern Firefox versions are operating on a multiprocess model. It has replaced the Gecko browser with Goanna forked one and uses DuckDuckGo as its default engine (instead of Google and!Yahoo). And, it uses IP-API and non-Google geolocation engines, by default, as a convenient, very customizable Start Page ( collaboration).

This is what distinguishes the Pale Moon, though:

Although it uses Firefox’s rather old-school browser user interface (version 4-28), the browser is a successful, up-to-date app. This ensures it is designed for modern processors and reliable because up-to-date security enhancements are continuously added to the core projects. And because some of the new and most important web Standards are adopted and increased.

There are some additional variations from Firefox and two of them are two of the big reasons why people enjoy Pale Moon. In the first instance, the browser uses the user interface pre-Australis Firefox. While out of date in looks (many users still prefer the interface because of its multiple adaptabilities and its much more open character.

The second aspect that makes Pale Moon so famous is that it still supports many old Firefox add-ons. Most of which is no longer supported by Firefox’s newer version and had to be ground built to work. To be specific, it supports the so-called Firefox “legacy” extensions XUL, XPCOM, and NPAPI plugins.

Other significant advantages include supporting lightweight subjects. As well as, full-themes providing users with unlimited freedom in terms of the design of any feature. And, supporting the numbers of exclusive Pale Moon extensions.

So, is Pale Moon still important?

The short response is “it is hard to say.” Pale Moon was never supposed to be an enthusiastic competitor for the great names in the industry despite its incredible success. It designed instead to provide users who liked the old Firefox with the best possible user experience.

Even if we disregarded all the above, it’s still a good browser for Pale Moon. Since the browser doesn’t bundle many useless bits and bobs in the old engine of Firefox, it’s very fast and stable. Install it on a modern machine and you can probably see little performance changes in comparison with the current browser. But Pale Moon’s advantage is that it still fits with older versions of Windows on older computers.

It also has almost all the functionality of a modern browser. You can use several tabs, pin your favorite ones, allow a full-screen view, make, save, and manage bookmarks, adjust the default search engine, clear your recent history, manage downloads easily and import or export information from other browsers including apps, bookmarks, passwords or other data. All of this, plus the major advantage that all elements of the app’s Interface can be almost entirely adapted.


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Key Features and Highlights of Pale Moon:

  • Modern processors optimized
  • Show engine optimization (Goanna)
  • Safe: forked and frequently modified from the mature Mozilla code
  • Secure: More security and security-conscious development features
  • Sponsored by an engaged and polite user group
  • Family GUI, powerful, completely customizable.
  • Support for full themes: complete control over the design of any feature
  • Help for lightweight easily created topics (skins)
  • Production of the website smoothly and easily.
  • Improved stability: fewer page crashes
  • Many Firefox extensions supported
  • Help for an increasing number of unique PaleMoon extensions
  • Extensive and can HTML5 and CSS3 support
  • Many ways to customize and configure
  • Can import Firefox existing profiles using a migration tool.

Bottom Line:

Ultimately, Pale Moon never was the best all-round browser out there and never would. However, it will continue to be the preferred choice for some people because of its unique approach to providing high-quality user experience based on security, customizability, and protection.


The browser is being majorly modified and some visual and structural improvements are being made.

Pale Moon Pros & Cons:


  • Just like Firefox safe and secure.
  • Add-ons and support for Firefox topics.


  • Many features were missing.

Pale Moon Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Moonchild Productions
Download Free Download | Open Source
Size 37.7 MB
Version 28.13.0 (64-bit)

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