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A Simple tool to retrieve mistakenly deleted files:

Deleted a big file by accident? Lost computer crash files? No issue-Recuva Portable recovers files, recycling bin, digital card, or MP3 player on Windows device! Recover images, papers, data, software or other forms of data unintentionally deleted using this mobile device which can display them via the entire machine.

Recuva Portable is a freeware Windows utility for restoring accidentally deleted files from your computer. It provides the possibility to use this freeware. This includes files that have been cleared from the recycling bin, and images and other files deleted from the digital camera memory cards or MP3 players through user error. It also returns bugs, crashes, and viruses that remove files.

Accidental deletion of files is more popular than you think – irrespective of your expertise on the machine. That’s why a device like Recuva Portable is always a smart idea that you can take anywhere with you.

You can restore your unintentionally deleted files from your computer, a USB drive, an MP3 player, or even a memory card on your camera using Recuva Portable. Recuva Portable operates with all kinds of files and needs no download, including images, audio, documents, and videos.

You only need to follow the step-by-step tutorial, which begins while running the software and helps Recuva Portable to work hard for you. After completing the scan (in standard or deep mode), a list of retrievable files is displayed. Then simply pick the files and you’re ready to go with your recovery. You can also switch off the wizard and use the advanced Recuva Portable GUI that displays more technical details.

Recuva Portable Overview:

Recuva Portable is clearly just a software tool and can not do wonders. The sooner you use the program after the files are removed, the more likely you will be to recover them. Seek also to move them to another trip, which increases the performance rate.

Don’t freak out when you’ve just unintentionally deleted any big files: try using Recuva Portable to restore them.


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Since this is a portable device, it is not important to install Portable Recuva so your Windows registry entries are not altered. You can also execute the program on an external computer directly.

When you start Portable Recuva, the Recuva Wizard welcomes you, where you answer a few basic questions to start (but there’s also advanced fashion). This shows that the app is for beginners and power users alike. You need to define the file types that you want to recover. They can be photos, songs, documents, videos, files, emails, etc.

You can choose to enter the latest known file location (e.g. on a media card or iPod in My Documents or the Recycling Bin). And, you may also determine the exact file format by switching to advanced mode. In addition, you can require a deep scan (increasing the scan time) for a comprehensive search inside your computer system. if Recuva can not locate the respective files in the initial attempt.

It doesn’t take long for Portable Recuva to find a deleted file (you can see the time elapse and remainder of that file). Once you’ve selected files, Portable Recuva will get them back to your computer at the destination of your choosing.

More About Recuva Portable:

We have provided Portable Recuva a variety of tasks and have always managed to achieve success. You may read comprehensive information online about its users using the software using a small amount of CPU and machine memory.

Recuva has consistently ranked by experts among the top five free data recovery software packages. Now a compact version is available as well. All of them mistakenly delete any files once in a while that they want to get back. After watching some seasons of TV assassination mysteries, most people are conscious that everything in the Windows recycles bin is restored in one press.

What most people do not know — and even law enforcement would prefer certain people not learning — is that it is still there, unless the data is overwritten with new information. The filename is typically still always there. Although some of the desired files are all or part of it overwritten, this can still be recovered. In both permanent and portable models, Recuva comes for new users. In portable versions, more and more technological tools are now available.

The vendors understand the reticence of security-conscious users to install applications on their hard drives with so much malware around. The continuous expansion of USB stick memory often decreases the chances of users lugging CDs and DVDs from computer to computer even though they have the right to install software on a guest computer. Likewise, a portable data recoverer program may recover files on an emergency if a damaged machine does not boot, but the USB port does.

Other Functionality:

Recuva is not the only program for data recovery on the market but the most robust tool that is easy to install, wizard-driven, and easy to use. The app opens to an optional wizard when you click on the Recuva button. A checkbox allows the user to disable the wizard option for advanced mode runtime permanently. The wizard begins hitting ‘Next’ when the advanced ‘Cancel’ mode used. The user interface is so basic that the advanced mode uses most users without advantages except for themselves.


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Recuva introduces a radio dialog in the wizard first to the user to pick the missing file form. In money and time, music or video files that have been unintentionally lost these days can be as useful as documents or emails. One poor drawback of the system is the lack of archives in ‘Documents’ and the dialog box doesn’t allow for multiple choices. But if files are likely to be compressed using WinZip, WinRar, or another system of archiving, pick ‘All Files’ or intend more than once to run the program.

Next, choose the probable file spot. Recuva provides solutions for recycling containers, my papers, and media cards. However, users can also scan the device or in a particular place anywhere. Please be patient. Recuva presumes that the user wishes the files to be returned and is not in danger of random access operations overwritten. It requires other services as a result.

Even More Functionality:

Flash drive scanning may be relatively slow, but it can take a long time for a deep scan of a heavily used hard disk, especially in Deep Scan mode, which is an optional checkbox on the next wizard screen. When the scan is completed, Recuva shows a sorting list of the files it was found. The program uses red-yellow-green to show how unrecoverable, partially recoverable, or fully recoverable the files can be. In other words, the predictor predicts that a file will be retrieved.

Not all green light files contain retrievable material. Almost definitely Red-light files don’t. Recuva can either restore or permanently remove files by choosing these files. Since Recuva believes that the user does not use the software in the background, Recuva sends an alert to try to recover files on the same disk drive. The restitution of some of the lost files to the same random access drive can override. Using common sense to either restore or remove files permanently.


  • Added search material in deleted files for relevant text.
  • The standard expression for the filter has introduced.
  • Added Windows 8 advance support.
  • Enhanced BartPE support (new directory development added).
  • The highlighted problem has resolved filter dropdown.
  • Improved recovery of non-standard cluster size compressed files from drives.
  • Latvian has made several small UI enhancements.
  • Portable Recuva is a tool for restoring deleted files.

Key Features and Highlights of Recuva Portable:

Superior file recovery: It will recover photos of any file form you have lost, audio, documents, videos, or e-mails. It can also recover memory cards, floppy disks, USB sticks, and much more from any rewritable files.

Restore from damaged drives: In comparison to other file recovery tools, Recuva Portable can restore damaged or more recent drive files. More versatility means more recovery opportunities.

Deep scan for buried files: It features an advanced deep scan mode to find traces of data that you removed for those who can’t find data.

Securely delete files: You want a file gone for good sometimes. The secure overriding feature of the app uses common deletion technology for industrial and military use to ensure that your files are deleted.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, Portable Recuva is an excellent method for restoring missing files and is even more appealing due to the fact that it is portable.

Recuva Portable Pros & Cons:


  • The step-by-step recovery process is very simple.
  • No need to be mounted.
  • Fast scans.


  • There is no guarantee of success.

Recuva Portable Wikipedia:

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Developer Piriform
Download Free Download Freeware
Size 7.2 MB
Version 1.53.1087

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