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StartIsBack Overview:

Bring the traditional Start menu back to Windows 10 and run old-fashioned programs and software. StartIsBack is a small application that allows the classical start and starts menu to be allocated to the Windows 8 application. It includes a variety of configuration settings that users with any level of experience may manage.

The StartIsBack side menu is translucent, and shows and a new program on the list, unlike other similar apps returning the old Start menu and button. StartIsBack offers some valuable features when it comes to performance. This is seen instantly in the result area (if previously indicated by Windows) when you search for a new element in the machine, for example.

As we described early, StartIsBack has a multi-settings environment, such as startup menu items and actions ( e.g. show My Computer as a link, hide Default Programs and System and Printers), appearance (i.e. deactivation of the transparent tutorial bar, hide the Start button) and switching rules.

Other features include unclutters in the Initial screen, the advanced Device commands menu (combining an Initial screen with one of the Start menus), Windows changes (for instance, save and view recent programs), and Start screen commands (by renaming the Initial screen to “Apps.”). In addition, for the current user, you can disable StartIsBack.

StartIsBack doesn’t impair the overall performance of your machine because it requires very little CPU and system memory. The keystrokes and the mouse commands are very sensitive. During our checking, we have found no problems; StartIsBack did not hang, crash, or show error dialogs. The application can satisfy users of all ability levels thanks to its intuitive yet rich features.

More About StartIsBack:

You will want to have a shift in the screen that will appear in the default status of the device. This is the perfect tool for you to quickly and securely decrypt the screen. You can start your machine in a couple of minutes with this application. Simultaneously, you can easily manage different boot functions The application is Windows 7 compatible, and newer versions are available. It strengthens and boosts, even more, the fact that it supports the drag and drops features. The search button is also used to access the different icons in the device quickly.

Instead of the standard procedure f, which opens the main program icon, you can use the setup menu to position the desktop software as shortcuts. You may also choose to pick the taskbar for quick access and navigation for all the desired programs, often used. In reality, once you have installed the tool in your system, you will have administrative access to the programs. This is the perfect way to use your computer quicker and more flexibly and to improve your workspace.


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It is a Software utility and a Windows 32-bit, 64-bit, and free-trial shareware before the trial duration ends. it is a computer-free application. All app users can download the StartlsBack demos free of charge compared to the complete version, with possible limitations. StartIsBack increases significantly the usability of the device and renders the starting screen uncompromising new. StartIsBack is an all-native, free, equal, fast, stable, and safe lightweight zero-privileges software.

Boot to desktop:

You would begin with your desktop session. Ever. Contrary to other methods, StartIsBack still goes straight to the desktop without even blinking a Millisecond Start Button.

Windows 10 Start Menu, original fully-featured:

StartIsBack restored the original start menu with Windows 10 with its full range of features: scan, drag&drop and drag applications, personalized applications. Start the button and Start menu look and act as in Windows 10.

Clearly different traditional and mobile interfaces:

StartIsBack is the only tool that can give Windows 8 consistent design and state-of-the-art programs. Real work on desktop is performed while the new Start Screen becomes a modern app launcher.

Render your start screen unwieldy:

Windows 10 forces you to build a new Start Screen with programs automatically pinned into a long list of messages. With StartIsBack this is no longer the case. You would not be difficult in managing two starting positions if you turn the Start screen into an Apps screen.

Completely indigenous:

No new resources or initiatives are running at StartIsBack. It works seamlessly with your computer. You do not have to install any other tools or frameworks and you can use them without administrative rights. The start menu has the same metrics and names Windows 7 in your language absolutely.

Rich versatility and settings:

StartIsBack helps you to customize certain aspects of the Start Menu and Modern UI element’s appearance and behavior. This is achieved in an elegant and quick setup UI in the most secure way.

The Start menu is back and better than ever before. Get Windows 10’s most beneficial shell enhancement now! StartIsBack for your Desktop is an awesome Start menu cover!

StartIsBack++ for Windows 10 can:

  • Skins are added to the taskbar.
  • Replace taskbar jump lists by better taskbar (context menus).
  • Taskbar icons of the middle.
  • Restore bigger icons for the taskbar.
  • Taskbar color Fine-tune.
  • OS resource use reduction.

With a new theme, round avatar, and modern glyphic icons, it looks absolutely awesome. It also opens 100% and shows always what you want to find-sorry, Windows 10!

The Windows 7 operating system is one of the most common, and many people were sad to see the Start menu going after the release of Windows 8. Fortunately, there are countless Internet applications that could solve this particular problem. StartIsBack++ is a fine example. Besides changing the Start menu to the original Win 7 menu, the menu also offers a broad variety of customization choices. It is almost identical to the original Start menu.

StartIsBack++ Description:

StartIsBack++ can be tried free of any interface constraints. You can also find StartIsBack+ for Windows 8.1 or StartIsBack for Windows 8. This unique version is for Windows 10. It can be installed easily and it works straight from the box. The app comes in a small bundle. This means, no special equipment or software needs to be built to implement them.

When installed, the program can replace the starting screen of Windows 8 immediately or the Start Menu of Windows 10 with the standard Start Menu of Windows 7. Moreover, StartIsBack++ provides a wide variety of individualization options. They can be clearly classified on a tabbed setup stand. No matter what changes you choose to make, only a few check-boxes must be checked or a few menus must be picked.

You can change the look as well as the action of your new menu with the app. You can select from multiple menus with minor variations and various start buttons. In addition, the colors on the menu and taskbar can also change, a user’s account image can covered, big or small icons swapped and fine changes made.


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You will decide what should happen when you right-click or press the Start button, in addition, to select how your menu is to look. Although StartBack++ does not delete the Start Screen, it brings back the Start Menu. You can still access it with a keyboard shortcut or by right or center button on the Start button. StartIsBack++ allows you to put it back and make it look and function according to your own needs if you’re missing the classic Start menu Windows 7.


How do I configure Start Menu?

Right-click Start button or right-click “Properties” opened the Start menu and pick an item from the context menu item “Properties.”

May I use StartIsBack just for skinning/jumping/awesome without the start menu?

Yes. Choose the most left model (Windows 10). Then pick the taskbar and separately activate button types.

Can StartIsBack break my system?

No. If you have an old software problem with the too recently updated Windows 10, hold down the Escape key to disable the feature when you log in.

How do I uninstall StartIsBack?

As expected: go to the program and feature the control panel, locate the software, and press Uninstall.

How does the trial version work?

The trial edition has no limitations. It lasts for 30 days after installation. If you do not turn on it within 30 days with your license number, it still works, but in restricted mode: starting menu is blank and unfortunate; every boot tormented over an evaluation period. The trial phase will be conducted separately for any user who installs Start Is Back on a PC.

Does StartIsBack “phone home”?

No. No. The information on your Desktop hardware or software not stored. The Internet link will not be used for license validation except when you allow it. Your IP address or any other information that may mark you or your device not collected by the online activation service. Special machine identification sent in hash form, so no one else is able to access them.

Note: 30 days trial version.

StartIsBack Pros & Cons:


  • In a matter of seconds, the app will install a Start menu.
  • It helps you to change a wide variety.
  • There are clearly structured and easy-to-spot customization options available.


  • No major problems have to be dealt with.

StartIsBack Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer TiHiy / StartIsBack
Download Free Download | Trial
Size 3.5 MB
Version 2.9.3 (for Windows 10)

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