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SuperCopier Overview:

Supercopier is a very useful tool for file management that allows you to take complete control over the copy, transfer, or shift of any number of data files to a secure environment. Designed from the ground up to give users the ability to closely track the outcomes of each file transfer session. Including test sum verification, display errors, and filter application). This software will comfortably support all novices who want a trustworthy copy file service. And experienced professionals who want to ensure that they operate without any data manipulation moved to the target location.

While the program is lightweight and has a simple GUI, it provides an array of very useful tools that make it one of the most versatile file transfer management software on the market. A lightweight program that allows you to copy, upload, pass or switch files, restart, or save your current pass, view errors, search, and test amounts.

Supercopier is a lightweight application for file management that helps you copy, duplicate, or move files using flexible options to stop file transfer and to manage several tasks from a single interface.

Unobtrusive running mode:

This program can be found in the system tray area by right-clicking on its system tray icon and access its feature. You may choose to copy, transfer, or switch files and set a range of different parameters.

File transfer options:

Supercopier requests that for the files transfer process you specify the source directory and destination. In addition, it uses a minimum panel to enable the existing transition to resume or to stop it.

Advanced features:

For more replay options, advanced users should click on the “Excellent” icon. This tool shows a list of objects to be copied or transferred and allows you to show their information (source and destination directories and size).

You also allowed, using drag-and-drop support, to add new files and folders to the current mission, to remove items from the list, to perform searches, and to export the LST-File Transfer List to import them in your projects for the future.

The Supercopier shows a failed task information console allowing the primary window to stand on other windows, restrict the copying speed to a user-defined value, reveal the progress bar and copy speed, and show the copying progress in the title bar.

Switch the mode for copying and check:

You can make the program pass the file rights and retain the date of filing and shift the whole folder if you are changing copy mode. In addition, when a file, folder, or collision errors occur, you may rely on many choices, for example, to prompt the user or to fall, or to place a file at the end of the queue.

Finally, Supercopier is capable of verifying checksum and assists you in altering block size and algorithm output (sequence or parallel), testing the disk space and using a custom folder if the target is not set, and generating exclusion or inclusion lists.

An overall robust and versatile framework for copying files:

Although Supercopier can not exceed Windows Explorer dramatically in terms of speed, it definitely provides some benefits to help you manage the process of copying files and can be used by rookies and professionals alike.

The Supercopier software makes a lot of sense as each version seems to be improving since the last one and the new version seems to have fewer issues. All that have expertise are remedied. The better or more efficient apps you could not ask for. You don’t want two separate programs such as this running to be necessary to recall. For example, as it contributes to conflict, you do not want both Supercopier and Teracopy mounted.


telecharger supercopier gratuit pour windows 7,


Spyware Free? You must always ask yourself whether you have chosen the right program for any program you download, for sometimes such programs come for dangerous spyware that can destroy your machine. It had nothing on it after installing the spyware. Nonetheless, an individual complained that this app had given them a Windows 8.1 startup mistake. When Supercopier has been deleted, the error has vanished.

Is it possible for parasite spyware to operate under this program? But it seemed like an unusual occurrence, we are not sure. Windows: Never Known for its copy speed Windows, for its quick copy or files move from one location to another it was never considered to be a respected competitor. Yes, this is why Supercopier and Teracopy systems come into being. It is also a smart idea.

More About SuperCopier:

The powerful format that can use by Windows, and can use to move vast numbers of directories and files. You must first click on the icon in order to run the program. When that has been achieved, the procedure is very simple. Actually, you simply copy and paste the files and directories you wish to run. Supercopier embeds in Windows Explorer, which is good because it manages the job.

The purpose of a program like this was always to copy and transfer files much more quickly and easily. To boost your experience you want to use some of the new solutions and can do so now. You may pause or resume your task as appropriate if the need arises. The files to be transferred and copied can be listed as percentages, transfer speed limits.

While the cycle continues, you can also update this document. How else would you want this application to try out? The software should be used as Supercopier does not replace a normal Windows copy and paste feature. When you don’t like it, you just delete it. The Supercopier includes a wide setting menu for modifying the actions and configuration of the programs and customers.

So the best thing to do is to absolutely free Supercopier 64 bit, for personal and commercial use, and start up on almost any modern desktop and laptop computer. Through this Supercopier edition, you can also find a special portable version and use it conveniently on all modern portable storage devices ( e.g. USB storage stick) in an Automated Installer.

Installation and Use:

The software is not a huge application and so you can install it on your desktop computer or laptop very easily by only taking instructions on the screen. Just a couple of seconds after the installation finished, you can start the application and see its simple but efficient toolset. The most widely used functions (copying, translating, or moving) are accessible from the right-click menu in the device tray region of your taskbar.

You will be asked to define the target directory before any transfer and by clicking on “More” the transfer is tailored to match your needs. A current file transfer status, whole batch transfer status, and four transfer management tabs follow each transfer. Every transfer. These sections are the Copy List (where the list of all files to be copied can be viewed), the GUI (to handle the device in different situations), the copy mode (to monitor particular aspects of copying) and the copy section are the list, sorted for or saved for future repeat usage.


supercopier for windows 7 ultimate,


The Options area takes you to the stand-alone window with additional customizations on the following tabs: General, Plugins, Copy engine, Listener, Plugin Loader, Session Loader, Theme, and Log.

Key Features and Highlights of SuperCopier:

  • One-stop solution for highly customized and secure file transfers.
  • Copy, transfer, or move files to a Desktop or laptop incomplete access. Take full power.
  • A full console of mistakes, action reports, and control of the worklist has been included.
  • Low on energy and lightweight.
  • Designed in an environment open source.
  • Available in 32-bit models as well as 64-bit.
  • Suitable for all modern Windows versions (2 K, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).
  • FREE for 100%!

Note: Supercopier is not available. Use Ultracopier, a modified Supercopier version.

SuperCopier Pros & Cons:


  • It is easier than ever to transfer and copy files.
  • You do not need any effort, and if you don’t like it, you can easily uninstall it.


  • Does not fully stack Teracopy price.

SuperCopier Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Brule Herman
Download Free Download | Open Source
Size 3.5 MB
Version (64-bit)

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