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TeraCopy Overview:

TeraCopy is a file copying tool dynamically modified, allowing you to stop and restart downloading, show the missing files at the end of a download and know the correct amount of information for all sections of the copied file. Although shell’s device resources are streamlined and small, it still prevents any unsecured piece of the net from copying to your computer and recommends itself as one of our safest file transfer tools accessible.

The CRC checksum test measures errors to completely maximize uploading or upload rates. Therefore, the use of buffer adjustment functions greatly decreases the search time. Failed transfers can be repaired by recopying corrupted files so that the update process does not need to restart.

It can not be used easier than that: pick the files that you want to copy or transfer, click with the right mouse and click on the command “TeraCopy.” You can pick the target directory and the accompanying operation (move, copy, test). The program will run a window.

TeraCopy is also available on its own, where the files you want to copy or transfer to the program window need to be dragged down and dragged. Nonetheless, the approach is not as simple as using the right-click menu as the main menus and choices in the GUI of TeraCopy take a while. TeraCopy is much faster than traditional Windows file storage and transfers massive volumes of files.

More about TeraCopy:

TeraCopy is free software for faster and easier copying/moving files. The slow speed copies, especially when transferring several files over the network are one of the main complaints about newer Windows versions. This software may be just what you need if you wish to accelerate your copying or periodically transferring large amounts and stop the process in order to perform other disk-intensive activities.

  • Search for copy files.
  • Keep time stamps for your date.
  • Copy files that closed.
  • Using the Windows Explorer to integrate.
  • Upon transmission completion, run a shell file.
  • Creates and verifies files for review.
  • Securely delete files.
  • Using in the company environment.
  • Modify lists of files.
  • Manage preferred directories.
  • HTML and CSV export files.

TeraCopy is equipped with the highest speed to copy and transfer files. This leaks out bad files during the process of copying and then shows them to show you which ones require attention at the end of the transmission. By measuring their CRC checksum values, TeraCopy will automatically search for errors in the copied data. It offers a great deal more data than its Windows equivalent about the files being copied. The software blends in with the right-click menu of Windows Explorer and is the default copy handler.

Faster and easier copying and transfer of files:

The excessive time the machine takes to switch and to copy files from one place to the other is something that annoys me most about Windows. I can now use a method to fix the problem, fortunately. Copy or transfer files quickly to an outstanding queue to leave the PC unattended, add requirements, and set post-task automated actions.


teracopy free,


TeraCopy is a small and powerful software application that uses fast and intuitive actions to copy and transfer files from one location to another. The highlight is that you can add several file operations to a queue to sequentially perform without your interference, while evaluating carefully the validity of your file, to make sure that any compromised objects can be skipped without pop-up or any other interruptions.

Installer and portable versions:

Both an installer and a portable version of the software are available to pick the desired one. The main difference is that the portable version can be put anywhere on the hard drive for launch, or even on a removable storage device to run it directly on any PC, while the installer allows you to build a desktop icon and attach it with MD5 and SFV files.

Minimal interface:

The main panel is very tiny and displays only some default tinkering choices. Nevertheless, TeraCopy should not be a simple copier. That is not the trick. The panel can extend to access and customize extra parameters and file properties like the source directory, scale, and state can be checked, along with the CRC source and goal.

Copy or transfer files and set conditions:

Remove files in the mainframe when browsing the Explorer folders to a copy or to move the operations. If you already have your name in the target directory, TeraCopy can only delete or rename all of them or the older folders or prompt you to take action. File names may be limited to 255 characters when continuous activities can be stopped and resumed for the purpose of temporarily transferring machine resources to other programs.

Test files, customize post-task activities and settings for apps:

In addition, you can remove or attach files to Recycle Bin from the disk. Compare the source items with the output items using their CRC values. Then, define post-task behavior automatically, including PC shutdown, drive exit, check exit, or system exit.

TeraCopy comes with a few parameters to modify. For example, it is a default copy handler to replace the copy/move of Windows, incorporate it into Total Commander or Directory Opus, disable free file checks, automatically copy file verification, use the device write cache, or customize progress bar colors.

Evaluation and conclusion:

The app provides multi-lingual assistance. In our tests, copy/transfer files performed marginally faster than Windows, while device resources remained transparent. While the presence of TeraCopy is not spectacular, it is a trustworthy assistant to conduct time-consuming multiple file operations.

TeraCopy helps you to copy and/or transfer files far more easily inside Windows-an enhancement for which you can thank you when dealing with more than one gigabyte of information. Have you ever witnessed the cancelation of the connection when you connect a huge volume of information from one directory to another? This form of the problem still occurs in the Windows file transfer manager, but this new program will no longer bother you.

The transfer manager replaces the Windows file with Teracopy. This fully incorporated and scarcely resourceful for your laptop. This incorporates features that are lacking in the original of Windows, such as pause and resume or test the validity of the file. Teracopy will certainly meet your needs if you’re not persuaded of the Windows file transfer management.

Key Features and Highlights of TeraCopy:

Fix problems easily:

The method will attempt to recover in case of a copy error and actually delete the issue file in the worst-case scenario and do not end the whole switch. You may also wait to reconnect your network or computer. The transfer time can be minimized by skipping unnecessary files. The software shows observed mistakes during the process, which allows fixing the issue and copying only the problem files.

File verification:

The program will search for files to be identical after copying. This achieved by contrasting the source and destination file hashing. Sponsored: CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Hot Tub, and xxHash. The algorithms sponsored are:

Confirm drag ‘n’ drop:

On each drag and drop operation, the device will optionally display a confirmation dialog. It will prevent you from unintentionally transferring files from place to place.

Faster workflow:

The program will maintain a history of newly-used directories and view folders open in Explorer and other file managers.


download teracopy,


Shell integration:

The tool will override copy and transfer the Explorer functions entirely, allowing you to work with normal files.

Export reports – Pro:

Save file lists with all associated HTML and CSV file information.

Edit file lists – Pro:

In order to minimize transfer time, redundant files and directories may be deleted.

Preserve date timestamps:

The software preserves the initial file time and date.

Trusted by forensic experts:

DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit) is included with Tera Copy.

Copy locked files:

If required, copy files using a Windows Service elevation and Volume Shadow Copy.


Added: Improved removal of USB devices. The ‘CardReader’ function in this file has added. The ‘ForceSameDriveMode’ option added to the INI file. Added: New strings for expression. Corrected: smash md5 file check. Fixed: Check the target folder always and request administrative privileges if appropriate.

Note: Failed to handle advanced file list functions. For non-commercial use only, TeraCopy is safe.

TeraCopy Pros & Cons:


  • Far faster than the traditional Windows approach.
  • Windows Explorer included.
  • Drag-and – drop assistance.


  • The GUI is not that intuitive.

TeraCopy Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Code Sector Inc
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Version 3.26

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