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Extract files from any archive type:

Universal Extractor is a lightweight, light-weight software that allows you to access the files inside, to do just as it says on the tin-extracts (fastly) any information from the compressed container or installer. The easiest way to do this is to create archives that can minimize and send just one file instead of several files to us. We send different files and get them. This software designed for files that generated with popular programs such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7 ZIP, etc. to opened or extracted.

No new archives can be built, but almost any extension can be available. It designed to be quick and straightforward without plugins or command-line options. As a background guide in the right click guide, it provides various choices. To eliminate duplicate files you can also pick the destination of the folder. In addition to decompressing common archives, the tool can also open the files from EXE files that can be executed automatically. Universal Extractor is available with 32-bit Windows and 64-bit operating system as freeware for your machine or laptop. It is in the category of compression and can download free of charge for all users.

The creator of Universal Extractor says it’s an ongoing piece of work, and obviously it is very simple. The main window is thin, with the original file only available (add or drag and drop manually) and the output position is specified. Click OK and the compressed file contents are shown on a regular basis. Extracting files from any form of a folder, be that it is a simple zip file, an installation program such as Wise or NSIS, or even a Windows installer (.msi) kit, is a program to do just as it says.

More About Universal Extractor:

This framework should not be an archiving program for general purposes. It never substitutes for WinRAR, 7-Zip, etc. It will allow you, regardless of source, compression method, and more, to extract archives from virtually any archive form. This project was originally inspired by a simple, easy way to remove files from installation packages, like the Inno Setup or the Windows Installer packages, without ever pulling a command line.

Universal Extractor has a good setup and context-shell integration for such a tiny app that is truly useful for fast removal. Their multilingual options also matter heavily. Notice that Universal Extractor is not a substitute for your usual decompression software but it’s still a nice little tool. Universal Extractor 2 is an updated and extended non-official edition of the original Jared Breland UniExtract.

This introduces hundreds of improvements, including those for the user, such as batch mode, auto-updater, and just scan functions. Six steps are taken to set up this portable device during installation. Later on the menu, these changes can be seen if you wish to skip every move. Context menu links can be set up, audio or video track can be extracted via FFMPEG, and you can use plugins for a note.

Easy to use interface:

The GUI is tiny and easy to use. You either love it or hate it, the probability was. Choose an archive and a location and if the scan or extract needed. Universal Extractor 2 will always be on top and log files can open and removed at any time. A batch option is also available. When the extract is selected, a command prompt window is shown and the files are extracted. Universal Extractor 2 has a niche for people who want a clean and easy interface. Those who like a GUI will find WinRar, 7-Zip, and PeaZip happier, for instance.


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Compress a wide range of archive files easily and conveniently from your computer by turning to this helpful program. You will probably understand the value of a trustworthy Software solution that will ease your work when your job includes managing multiple compressed documents. Universal Extractor 2 is one program that can help you achieve quick and efficient results, as it carries a wide range of features and processes a number of formats.

An efficient method to decompress:

Please note that Universal Extractor 2 was built from Jared Breland as an expanded version of the original Universal Extractor. Therefore, if you know the former without much effort, you can easily grasp the former ‘s skills. This software allows you to quickly and intuitively unpack different files from your computer. All you have to do is define the target file and select a destination path to extract the data. However, since this feature not supported, you can not use it to build files.

Helpful installation wizard:

You get the wizard-like interface to help you complete a variety of settings with minimal difficulty when you run the application. Global preferences and context menu entries can include among the adjustable parameters, but additional features can also be allowed from the same support function. This software can help you remove both audio and video tracks from your computer’s regular video files but needs some additional files to be downloaded.

Functions for batch processing:

If you want to save time, several documents can be managed simultaneously by using the easy batch-processing feature of Universal Extractor 2. For any file, you are planning to add to the queue, just select the Batch button from the main window. On the Batch button, there is a tiny numeric indicator so that you can exactly understand the number of files the program can unpack.

Scan Mode and Password List:

This software also encourages the use of a protected archive password list. This feature can be useful if a large number of compressed items locked with different passwords must be decompressed. Moreover, before you execute the operation, you can switch between extraction and scan modules only by clicking on the corresponding radio button. The scanning function analyzes the source documents without trying to remove them from your computer and decides their file types.

Includes in the background menu:

You can also use the context integration module to help you accomplish your desired action faster instead of launching the application each time a file decompressed on your device. You can choose between easy and cascading context integration and allow custom file associations by ticking the checkbox and type in all the formats you wish in the sector.

Advanced file extraction tool with a wide range of functions:

Universal Extractor 2 is a versatile program that allows you to quickly and easily extract several files from your computer. It offers an easy-to-use GUI, quick, efficient control and numerous customization options, including the integration functions of the context menu. Universal Extractor is a very helpful addition to your desktop for handling compressed files of all kinds.


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Key Features & Highlights of Universal Extractor:

  • Batch suit.
  • Mode silent, no prompts shown.
  • Scan the only mode without extracting to decide file types.
  • The updater built-in.
  • 100 + new file types supported.
  • Multimedia files audio and video extraction.
  • Context screen cascading.
  • Help for popular archive password lists.
  • Optionally enhanced status box with an indicator of growth.
  • New methods of detection + precise messages of performance and error.

Universal Extractor Pros & Cons:


  • Lightweight and small.
  • Integration of the background guide.
  • Drag and drop helps.


  • Not very smooth.
  • Functions are relatively small.

Universal Extractor Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer Bioruebe
Download Free Download | Freeware
Size 58.6 MB
Version 2.0.0 RC 3

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