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Wise Disk Cleaner Overview:

Wise disk cleaner cleans the history of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari temporary files, metadata, cookies, and autocompletes. And Desktop junk files like recycle bin, recent papers, temporary files, log files are removed. This freeware cleans even more files and mode includes “slim down,” which eliminates tonnes of foreign items, including wallpapers and files you will never use on Windows. Also included is a disc defrag function free of charge.

One of the simple rules we have to bear in mind is that we need to maintain our HD clean and smooth as long as you want your computer to the best of results. Wise Disk Cleaner is an application that can clean it automatically and conveniently at any time. It checks and searches for your file automatically and presents them to you, so you decide whether or not you delete them.

Ancient archives, temporary, records, expired copies, cookies, … Both of them occupy a valuable room that other programs would occupy or that could maybe be empty and your computer runs better. Furthermore, you find it in a very responsive and intuitive GUI that makes maintenance tasks even easier.

We have used CCleaner many times, and it’s safe and conservative, as we have always said, but you need more often. You can use CCEnhancer, but now you have a sporadically modified third-party system.

Wiping unused files or free up Disk space:

Wise Disk Cleaner lets you restore space on your hard disc by conveniently and rapidly deleting all forms of junk files. Wise Disk Cleaner operates for many diverse formats, including temporary internet files, installation logs, and temporary user files, old files, and index files, for extensions that are supported for a broad variety of applications.

Furthermore, by including them in the exclusion list, you can add to your clean up a list of folder forms, and filter them. You will be introduced by a wizard to start Wise Disk Cleaner, which will lead you through the whole process step by step.

You can pick which file types you want to delete and where you want to search along with several choices. The method can be automated, ensuring that clean-ups can be organized and Wise Disk Cleaner can also be automatically exited once the job is over.

The easy-to-use, customizable GUI is available from Wise Disk Cleaner. A fundamental defragmentation method is also included in the curriculum. On the other hand, the software is very slow, especially when you delete several files. Wise Disk Cleaner has been developed to release disc space, free, easy-to-use, fast, and easy-to-use. A portable version of the video tutorial is available.

There are two issues with the use of an SSD drive; this is tiny and costly. For this purpose, most people would use an SSD drive to manage their operating system and key programs. In our case, the drive is 250 GB and approximately 77 GB free, so it is necessary to keep space free. So it is a dilemma which must always be solved how to get the free space.

Best Cleaner for Drive? PrivaZer VS CCleaner VS Wise Disk Cleaner?

We were able to extract another 510 MB of junk after our last CCleaner run. We used it several times, and while it is violent than CCleaner, it safely removes a lot of additional waste as well. If you satisfied with these settings, you want to stay a few minutes and see what tested or unchecked by default. That said, you can run and produce results like CCleaner hasn’t seen before.


wise disk cleaner free download,


There is no registry cleaner, which we are no fans of, but there is a disc defragmenter, which is a fantastic benefit because it is nice to defragment your drive because you have all these gaping holes on your drive. It is a wonderful idea. One problem here is that the software does not detect SSD drives and you do not have to defrag an SSD drive and so you want to make sure that you uncheck the drive. It understood that the defragmentation of the SSD drive is more harmful than healthy. CCleaner provides a cleaner but no defragmentation device.


Wise Disk Cleaner can quickly delete all kinds of obsolete junk files by clawing back misspent space on your hard drive. Wise Disk Cleaner supports several diverse formats and extensions of files, including time files and installation logs, old files, and index files. You can configure Wise Disk Cleaner to add a list of clean up files. Filter file forms may also be added to the exclusion list.

You can boost your PC’s performance by running a disc defragmentation program. Hard disc drives are fragmented over time, and the fragmentation of your disc makes your discs slow and irrepressible so that the output of your Computer can slow down in turn. Wise Disk Cleaner’s “File Defrag” feature allows scattered data to be rearranged on your computer to operate more effectively.

Why choose Wise Disk Cleaner?

Grab unnecessary files safely and make your system running quicker:

Over time, your desktop pc has accumulated discarded files, temporary files, files of all sorts, and other things you do not need. These worthless files take up precious space on your hard disc and slow your computer down. You can remove the unused files from your hard drive from Wise Disk Cleaner to get space free and make your machine run faster. It also offers several individual options to allow advanced users to clean up more files not required. Wise Disk Cleaner can search and uninstall advanced algorithms in seconds, making it one of the most powerful disc cleaners.

Cleans the past of internet and other traces on your device-Privacy protection:

It will clear Internet history, archive files, and cookies from browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It also detects and cleans all other traces created by Windows System, modules, and other applications. With thorough removal of all these signs, your privacy is well protected from prying eyes.

By defragging and rearranging files on your disc, boost your Desktop performance:

Over time, the hard drive will become broken. Fragmentation does extra work with your hard disc to slow down your computer. The ‘Disk Defrag’ application feature helps fragmented data to function more effectively with your discs and drives. ‘Disk Defrag’ also provides you with a simple graph of the selected drive, so you can see the use of the drive in a glance. It can also use to evaluate and defrag external storage devices.

Auto disk cleaning scheduled:

You can configure the program to clean the drive according to your specifications on a regular, weekly, or monthly schedule. When the scheduled time is over, the program will automatically delete unused files from the context. You can also build a 1-click clean icon for your desktop in settings. You can clean up junk files with this function simply by clicking on the icon without opening the program.

Freeware & Low CPU Usage:

The cleaner is absolutely free of charge. Anyone can download them free of charge and receive free automatic updates and technical assistance via e-mail. Better still, Wise Disk Cleaner is a small software that is totally virus free and requires very few machine resources.


wise disk cleaner reviews,


The Wise Disk Cleaner is an app built to free disc space by deleting junk files that no program is using anymore, which is user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. This tool can easily uninstall even the less experienced user. junk files.

What’s New in Wise Disk Cleaner:

  • Backup cleaning improved Metro Cache and WinSxs.
  • Any customer experience concerns have resolved.
  • Related translations have revised.
  • Improvements in Interface and usability.

Bottom Line:

In general, Wise Disk Cleaner has a user-friendly custom GUI but is a little embarrassed. The app has some simple and advanced file scanning tools and a number of temporary file types can be searched and deleted. It has some nice features like scheduled cleaning, and when you finish the job, you can set up the app to auto-exit. In other words, better options like Piriform’s CCleaner are available on the market.

Wise Disk Cleaner Pros & Cons:


  • Looks up and deletes a number of temporary types of files.
  • Tools to incorporate various extensions to data.
  • Scheduled work support.


  • Scanning may take a while.

Wise Disk Cleaner Wikipedia:

Free Download Links:

Developer WiseCleaner
Download Free Download | Freeware – Ad-Supported
Size 4.5 MB
Version 10.3.3

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