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XYplorer Overview:

XYplorer is a Windows file manager. It features tabs, a powerful file search, an easy-to-use preview, a very customized GUI, an optional dual-screen, a wide range of unique ways in which recurrent tasks can be easily automated. It’s fast, light, creative, and mobile.

XYplorer (also known as TrackerV3) is a very similar, but much more full-fledged, advanced file explorer to the one that is included in Windows as standard. This application is important if you are tired of many steps to learn any kind of data or information about your files.

XYplorer is based on the main window, sidebar, and toolbar basic, familiar explorer layout and offers many personalizable features like tabs and views of the tree. Currently, XYplorer does not seem to be adjustable. It adds searches, previews, preferences, hotlists, scripts, shortcuts, and a lot more to control and navigate your files and folders.

Advanced Explorer File System:

XYplorer is a user-friendly file manager, replacing Windows Explorer with many enhanced features and improved GUI. Moreover, XYplorer is completely portable and can be mounted on a USB stick anywhere you want it and when you need it. With Windows Explorer, the main benefit of this program is the dialogues switch and copy.

XYplorer lets you customize hotkeys to perform the most common copying and moving operations involving unnecessary mouse movements and a quicker file and folder management. XYplorer also eliminates the taskbar’s need for several folder windows, as it uses tabbed file management almost the same as Firefox does for Internet browsing.

You can move them around, rename them, mask them, lock them, and much more. These tabs too are totally customizable. This tabbed function gives XYplorer a distinct browsing style, in addition to an address bar, which accepts files, URLs, and search words, as well. This second function can save hours of file searching, simply by placing a (?). In XYplorer right between the location and the search pattern, without using the search function.

A truly amazing Windows Explorer replacement:

You can never be able to go back after you have used it. A groundbreaking display style that highlights each group of files in accordance with the Ignore Diacritics column. Furthermore, you can now delete all diacritics optionally and allow you to find or mark files with letters that your keyboard can not easily produce Replace with Clipboard Fichier, Visual Filters, Color Filters, Spot and Leap, Type Ahead. New optional context menu to substitute the contents of the selected file with the file contents in the clipboard currently

The software consists of three areas: two columns in the top and one in the bottom. In the bottom section of the GUI you can show the files you pick in the upper columns. Pictures, fonts, video, and audio files are available for preview. The iD3Tag of mp3 files can be edited as well. If you don’t want to use an initial explorer file included in Windows, XYplorer is a decent substitute. Some more features for your Laptop are a little different from the original.


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Tabbed file manager for simple everyday tasks with good content management, advanced search, and preview features. XYplorer is a method of file management that supports several tabs and has a user-friendly interface. The program is identical to the Windows Explorer so that the features are not troublesome.

More About XYplorer:

You can therefore open a position in a new tab, copy a selected row into the clipboard and rename files in many ways. In addition, you can transfer, copy or backup files and folders, open an item with command-line arguments, build shortcuts, delete files, swap names, and set the changed date to the current one.

You can also preview files, use undo, redo, and search functions, check the activity log, set a wildcard philter (or a regular expression), and find templates. You can also select files and compare files. Furthermore, you can also sort items according to a variety of parameters (for example, attributes and comments), configure columns, lock the tree, compute directory dimensions, create a favorite list, add tags and modify tags, handle user-defined commands, run scripts, switch on the active pane, etc.

The software supports low system resources, keyboard shortcuts, a full help file, and a great response time. We didn’t face any difficulties. Altogether, XYplorer appears to be packed with all the necessary file manager’s functions (and more). All users are strongly advised, regardless of their level of experience.

Ket Features and Highlights of XYplorer:


XYplorer is known as a portable file manager. No installation is required, all the configuration data is stored in the data folder of the application and it does not alter your device or registry. Take it and launch it with a USB stick. Managing the file to go.


Tabs make it easier for you to switch between files. Drag it around, cover it, lock it, call it or drop files. The tabs recall their setup individually and during sessions. In addition, you can get tabs and dual pane sets.


XYplorer was designed to speed you up. Numerous advancements in usability in an appealing interface lead to simplifying workflow and performance. Save a lot of time, certainly.


Yeah, this software can be configured. Individual solutions for individual tasks. No required plugins, scripts run out of the box. Also, beginners will benefit from this role because there is a huge range of ready-to-use scripts.


You can adjust the application to look and do just as you like. It includes fonts and colors, personalized toolbar buttons, and also file icons and associations of programs. And it’s completely portable, every bit.


Your customer’s voice is heard and taken seriously, and mostly instant feedback is received and your wish could be implemented earlier than you thought.


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Class underlined. A revolutionary display style that highlights each group of files according to the sorted Ignore Diacritics column. Now all diacritics can skip optionally (accents on letters: àçöñ, …) and therefore you can search or pick files by letters your keyboard can not create Replacing File on Clipboard. Search Files, Filters, Color Filters, Spot, and Move Filters. New optional context menu to replace the selected file content with the file content currently in the clipboard

Note: The unregistered trial version can evaluate for up to 30 days free of charge. You have to buy a license if you want to continue to use it after 30 days. All trial version limitations will delete immediately upon registration.

XYplorer Pros & Cons:


  • A lot better than Windows Explorer.
  • Allows the management of tabbed files.
  • You can configure file movement hotkeys.


  • Can crash if too many tabs open. Can crash.
  • Heavy on CPU a little bit.

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Developer Donald LeSSAu
Download Free Download | Trial
Size 4.4 MB
Version 21.00

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